Flourocarbon??? Need your opinion.

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  1. For some time now I have been thinking about trying out flourocarbon line on one of my poles: 6'6 med action w/ curado baitcaster. 95% of the time I use this pole for worm fishing, right now I have it strung with 12lb crystal fire line, but I think that I would get a lot more strikes with the flourocarbon. I have never tried flourocarbon.

    I was just wondering what you guys are using, what you think, has it made a difference, what types are better as well as all the thing that I should ask but haven't thought.

    As always your opinions are appreciated.
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    I tried flourocarbon and I wasn't impressed. I used it in Canada a few years ago, and it snapped on what would have been my PB smallmouth. Then it snapped again on a honker largemouth at home. I threw the spool away after that. I'm sure that others have had different results.

    By the way, I didn't like Fireline either, so maybe my fishing strategy is just different than yours. Both fireline and flourocarbon have no stretch, I think lighter action rods may be the key to those types of line. I use 10-17 lb stren, and I have no problems and plenty of bites.

    Sometimes I think the latest fishing breakthroughs are more for catching fishermen than catching fish. IMO.

  3. I tried it once last year and it was a day I'll never forget, big bass were on fire that day...I tested it in my swimming pool, it was virtually invisible, just like advertised. When I got to the lake it seemed more sensitive to each strike, just like advertised, but when I set the hook my line snapped, not once but about 4 times. I believe I lost 2 or 3 of the biggest bass I've ever hooked, some over 6 pounds. One fish I actually landed, a 3 pounder, broke the line as I lipped him, this surprised the heck out of me. I checked my line and each time it broke and it looked frayed each time, not clean breaks, as if I'd been dragging it over sharp rocks for days, rather than simply worm fishing for a few hours. I ended up using my friend's rigs for the rest of the day, my friend kept saying to "put that junk away" and I was very upset about it. I was using 12 pound test, I think. Never again. Perhaps my experience is the exception as I read of many pros who really believe in it. Maybe I need heavier stuff or maybe a different brandI'm not sure what I was using, but that day I went back to 14 pound stren, which I know is good stuff.
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    I used "Transition" on my Walleye jigging rig for a season two years ago. I loved the feel but did not like the memory or the tendency to fade. I now use Spiderwire Stealth in 8 or 10 pound with a 3 foot 10# Vanish leader. I've caught Walleyes up to 6 pounds on C.J. and Erie without any breaking problems caused by the line. Any breaks were my fault due to knot problems. Once I got better at both Flourocarbon and Superline knots I had no issues.

    It does take a different touch with no stretch lines. I use just a wrist snap hook set instead of the whole big arm swing business. A lot of that action is necessary to pull the stretch out of the line. I think I detect a lot more light bites with my current setup. I also seem to get snagged a lot less and recover more when I do for whatever reason. I've never fished for Bass with these lines so I can't comment on that.

    See you out there.

  5. i use bps flourocarbon oon my worm pole and jig i like it never had one break
  6. I use florocarbon nearly exclusively on my baitcasters. I use mono for surface lures and 50lb braid for buzzbaits, toads, and fishing large jigs in water over 14 ft deep. So I have four other rods in the boat rigged with 12lb florocarbon. The only kind I have had problems with breaking off was Triple Fish. It is also the cheapest. Although I don't like the Vanish transition, I do like the regular Vanish very much. I use a lot of the Cabelas brand and have had good luck with it. The main thing with florocarbon is the knot. I use the improved Trilene knot but you can take no more then four wraps or it will not cinch down correctly. Also you must wet the line before you cinch down the knot.
    The main things I love with florocarbon are: 1. sinks-so cranbaits run deeper
    2. Better feel with the lower stretch 3. abrasion resistance-don't need to retie as often as mono 4. low visibility.
  7. Maybe you guys are using the wrong flourocarbon or not tying the knot correctly. I have been using either Seaguar Carbon Pro or P-line flourocarbon (NOT FLOUROCLEAR) for a couple of years with absolutely no problems. This year I have spooled Seaguar Inviz X on my spinning gear and so far have been very satisfied. The Inviz X is the softest flouro I have found and very strong. While up in northern Wisconsin, I fought a huge musky on 8 lb. test and finally lost him when he straighted my hook but the line held up.
    If your line is constantly breaking I have to believe you are not wetting the line properly when tying the knot. I will slobber all over the line and will put it in my mouth when cinching the knot. Just be careful not to get your tongue caught up in the knot! You cannot get the line too wet when knot tying.
    Hope this helps.
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    jpackr is right. fluorocarbon has some great qualities but there is no single line that is a 100% do it all line. Flouro has abrasion resistance and is a little smaller than Mono and is almost invisible under water. It also sinks witch depending on what you are using it for can be a good thing or a bad thing. For example sinking line would be great for Tx rig worms in open water and Crank baits. A negative is it has a lot of memory typically and it is very sensitive to friction so when you tie your knot you half to make sure the line is soaked while you cinch it. It would not be good for Heavy flipping (in my opinion) or top water. I only use flouro on one set up and that is my Spinning reel for drop shots and shaky heads. I am thinking of trying it for my Cranks as it is smaller than mono and will sink so my baits should get a little deeper from that. I use braid for Frogs, flipping, Spinner baits and senko type baits in Stained water. I use Gamma Copoly for Tx rigs, top water and Currently Cranks (again I may be switching). Make sure to pick a good quality Fluro and just understand again there is no Perfect line for every situation just like there is no magic bait. Good luck!!!!
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    I tried it and had no problem with line snapping. Also like the sensitivity (no stretch). Only problem I had is the tendency for extra line to come off the reel (spinning reel) when lure hits the water. This can be minimized by not overloading the reel.
  10. Ive noticed that when using the bow and arrow technique to free a snagged jig that the flurocarbon is prone to break off at the reel.
    It does have good feel, but as to getting bit more often because of low visibility, I havent really noticed a difference.
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    I personally dislike flouros and would never go back to them. Vanish is the only type I tried. It cracks and peels as it gets older. Has awful problem with abrasion. Good old mono user here, tried and true.
  12. Floro is good but as previous posters said it has a specific use. It is mainly for finesse fishing when fish are spooky and the water is clear. It sinks so you get a real good feel of the bottom composition(if you are using a sensitive rod). You also have better control of bottom baits because it sinks and there is no slack between you and the bait(not the case with mono and braids as they float) Even though its has good abbrasion resistance its is very stiff. If you are fishing for bass in tought conditions or trout in any condition floro is great. But if you are in optimal condions or fishing for catfish at any time you really dont need to worry about it.
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    Keep the Fireline and use a Floro leader. I use Fireline on my spinning rods and always use a leader. I use 14lb fireline and a 4 to 6', 10lb Vanish leader. The only time I've had it break was while drifting harnesses on Erie and it broke right at the knot on the hookset. That only happened twice all summer though.
  14. I tried it on a flippin stick and had problems with it fraying real bad after using it in the brush for a while. I was always re-tying. I had good results using it for crankbaits tho. The line sinks and lets your cranks run a little deeper than with mono. You just want to keep a loose drag as with the braid.
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    exactly what i was thinking when i read the 1st post of this thread. i use vanish 8lb on my spinning reels for bank fishing and casting, 6 to 10 foot 20lb leaders trolling erie and never had a breakage problem. some swear by seaguar but i find vanish to be fine for me. seaguar is pretty expensive.
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    I was given a spool of 6LB Pline flouroclear last November by a friend who suggested I try it for cold weather saugeye fishing. I really liked it although I quickly swithched to 8 LB test. There are a number of pictures of saugeye that I caught using it in my gallery and there were many fish I never took pictures of. It is more reasonably priced than a pure fluorocarbon and I liked the sensitivity and mono characteristics. I'll be respooling with it as soon as the weather cools down and I start after the saugeyes again at night.

    I do prefer the Fireline for vertical jigging Vibe's though that's why I don't use the Pline this time of year. If you start night fishing in Nov/Dec you'll learn alot about fishing line in a hurry, especially with spinning reels.
    I highly recommend using the knot link on this website and learn to tie good knots. I've lost many good lures over the years by switching line types and trying to continue using the same knot..it does not work!!!
    Good luck with whatever line you choose.
  17. with all of the new fishing lines available, Does anyone know, or can they list the positive qualities of each type of fishing line?
  18. Great idea: I will give it a try, if I like the flourocarbon I think that I will just get a spare spool for my baitcaster and switch the spools based on the conditions.

    Thanks to everyone for all of the great information.