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  1. MuskieJim

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    I have been using a lot of flourocarbon leaders this past year, but they are pricey at $8 each from Stealth Tackle. I would like to start making them myself, but I need some info.

    What is a better technique to use, tying or crimping?
    Are there any tools necessary to tie or crimp?

    A list, from start to finish (I've never done this, gimme a break!), would be really sweet if anyone has the knowledge. I'd really appreciate it!
  2. esox62

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    jim, check out leadertec.com. i ve been making leaders with their techniques with good success and no breaks{yet}. they show the different crimpers and sleeves to use. i use the double barrel crimps with no fails. click on "crimping techniques" on the left side and just follow the instructions. also, you want the "cup to cup" crimpers for the double barrel sleeves. i bought my crimpers elsewhere, cant remember.
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  3. MuskieJim

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    Sweet, thanks a lot!
  4. I'll give you a list of the stuff I use tomorrow after work.
  5. Cutt'em Jack

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  6. I use the same knot as Cutt'em Jack. Works great.

    100 lb Climax -- 10 yds $12 @ muskyshop.com made enough leaders to last me for many years. I don't catch a lot of Muskie's, hell some of you guys catch more in one day than I catch in a year.

    One of the bad things about living three miles from an inland lake that is chock full bass and walleyes, kind of makes you want to catch a few.:)

    Hope to get out after the Muskie's more this year.
    St Clair is less than 100 miles away, and full of musky and small mouth.


    See, there you go. I'm talkin' at a bunch of Musky guys and bring up Small Mouth Bass. I'll never catch more muskie's if I'm fishing for bait fish.

    Oh, but I do so love to catch the little brown bass.:)
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  7. esox62

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    saltwater fisherman have been crimping for years... i dont get the knotted leader, they just gather weeds and foul the bait. some guys actually put glue over the knot to prevent this.. all that is just overkill in my opinion. i got a 44" last fall with 3 feet of line out at the boat when it hit{crimped 70 lb flouro} after all the thrashing and jumping and the fight, the leader held and the fish was released. so i feel pretty good about them. but that could change if i have a break off..and 70 lb. flouro is about as low as you wanna go. most guys do 80 or 100...
  8. esox- did you buy direct from leadertec? Looks like a UK company... no one local?

    I bought a couple fluro leaders from Rollie & Helens and they only had the crimped version... I liked them but the exotic clip on the end HAS to stay clipped at all times or it can just fall off.
    I've read multiple times that when trolling with fluro's or any leader its best to use 3ft min. Agree? What about casting? I used a 12" for casting last year.

    good info guys- thx
  9. esox62

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    no i did not, thats why{u.k.} i got my crimpers off ebay i think, cant remember, but just get the heavy duty cup to cup style. yeah 3 ft. is average size most guys use trolling. i use 6" and 9" for casting. a general rule is to match the leader length to the size of your bait.{for casting} also, that "exotic clip" you speak of is prolly a stringease stay-loc snap , my favorites and the only clips i use. just looked at my crimpers they say "pro fish co." on them. i see rollies has a pair that look exactly like them called a "swaging tail" ?! whatever that is..lol. they are 30 bucks there but i paid less than 20. rollies has just turned into a total rip-off for everything..but man they got the selection.
  10. MuskieJim

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    I also saw, on the leadertec.com website, you can buy 100 to 150 lb clear monofilament for much cheaper than flourocarbon. I found a few on local US sites with the same prices. Any difference between 100 lb mono vs. 100 lb flouro?
  11. Hey, for as many lunges I catch in a year a couple $$ leaders are worth it! :)

    My goal is 3 this year... with one being from pymo.
  12. Essox- Hey, for as many lunges I catch in a year a couple $$ leaders are worth it! :)
    My goal is 3 this year... with one being from pymo.

    MuskieJim- My guess would be that the mono is more visible, but probably stronger.
  13. Yo-zuri H. D. Carbon 100# Pink
    Offshore Angler model # 72156 1.0mm double barrel sleeves
    Berkley Easy Clip size #5
    SPSB-04-10 Spro Power Swivels size 4 130lb test
    Crimps are P-Line with red handles not sure of model #

    I used the same 3' leaders all season and they were still servicable after many snags and a few fish too. Just google the parts to get the best deal. I think I got most of my stuff from Bass Pro.
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  14. I tie my own and I purposefully leave a 1 inch tag line at the front of the leaded incase there is a weed or leaf that rides the line down it wil catch it. Better to catch it 3 feet from the lure then wonder how long it has been on your lure. Just my thoughts on it, I also super glue my knots I only get 3 muskies a year though.
  15. ShutUpNFish

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    Just my .02 from past experiences Jim, but NEVER crimp and ALWAYS tie. I simply use all Sampo BB swivels on 60 to 100 lb. Flourocarbon for trolling....If you plan on flouro for casting in the streams, 100lbs is over doing it...you could probably even get away with 50lb. (The tag line is a good tip above 1/2" will suffice) I use a polymar knot for ALL my ties...never failed me yet....But the only place I ever felt a need for flourocarbon leaders is St. Clair. Good Luck and feel free to PM for any Qs!

    Did you see the extended???? WOOOooooHHHHhhhhOooooooo!
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  16. esox62

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    i tried some of the berkely big game leader material..its just beefed up mono. i didnt like it because it stood out in the water compared to flouro, which really is almost invisible..
  17. BITE-ME

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    I haven't made up any casting leaders with fluoro yet, but I tie my own for trolling. I use the 80lb Berkley Vanish (because it was readily available at Gander Mtn), ball bearing swivel and Stringease Stay-loc snaps. I'v been using a palomar knot to tie mine up, but will probably try Lee Tauchen's knot Cutt'em Jack posted a link to.
  18. triton175

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    I use 60-80 lb flouro and double-barrell crimps. 4ft long for trolling, 18" for casting. As stated previously a longer tag end behind the crimp helps keep weeds off of your lure.
    I got most of my leader making gear at Thorne Bros.
  19. esox62

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    i just tied one of those lee tauchen knotted leaders up...it is nice! looks like a solid knot , sure could not pull either end apart with pliers either. i think if i found this knot first i would not have used crimps at all....jim, you should experiment with this before you buy anything...
  20. MuskieJim

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    Sweeet. Order 100 lb. Berkley Vanish with ball bearing swivels and stay-lock snaps. I'm in business! I'm making casting leaders only.