Flourocarbon and Baitcaster help

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  1. After reading on how great flouro is supposed to be I made the switch to some P-Line Halo and I've had nothing but headaches.

    I picked up the Energy to put this flouro on and EVERY casts is nothing but birds nest. Im throwing 12lb btw. I cant figure out what is wrong with it. Ive set it up like any of my other baitcasters but this flouro thing doesnt seem to be working out.

    Last time I was out, my buddy let me use some Real Magic spray on it and it seemed to work okay but is this is a pain.

    Ive used a cheaper baitcaster with mono and it casted fine. Is flouro harder to handle on a baitcaster than mono and braid?
  2. its a little stiffer and considerably slicker than mono, so you can run into problems like that.

    I have several baitcasters spooled up with fluoro. All of them are now using Trilene 100% Fluoro. I tried that line in 8lb on a spinning setup and loved it.

    I have 8lb on a Daiwa Pixy, 12lb and 15lb on Revo STXs. It takes a bit of getting used to. If you're not careful with your thumb, you can end up with a mess. Fluoro likes to jump off the reel a bit, whereas mono sort of likes to stick to itself. Again, just takes some getting used to, but the sensitivity is pretty close to braid, in my book, yet far better to cast.

    I'd suggest throwing an old lipless crank with the hooks off in the backyard to get used to it, before messing with it out on the water. And set the spool control tight to start, and gradually ease off it. I mean, the usual adjustment program for a baitcaster. I definately think its worth the adjustment in the end, and you'll be wondering how you fished without it in the past.

    I've never used Halo. I had their hybrid Fluoroclear and hated it, used Sunline fluoros but they're pretty expensive, used BPS XPS fluoro which I like alot, and now Trilene. It's a great fluoro for the 15-20 bucks a 200yd spool.

  3. i agree... i am a huge fan of the trilene fluoro. ive had nothing but good results with it.

    as far as fluoro on baitcasters... i havent had any problems. i just adjust everything like i do normally and keep a sensitive thumb. it would definately save you the headaches to work out the troubles in the backyard instead of out on the water. good luck and hope it works out for you.
  4. I tried several brands ,I did not like any of it now if I use it ,,I only use it for a leader
  5. the heavier the floro the stiffer. I have a bait caster spooled with 15 lb floro and I have to be carefull or it will bird nest
  6. Tried them all and hated them all. I have now learned my lesson and will stick with braid for every application. I may tie on a leader with 12# fluoro, but will never again waste my time and money spooling any reel with it.
  7. Chub Buster II

    Chub Buster II Dang Let's Go Gettem!!

    I used Trilene Fluoro on one of my spinning reels for the first time about 6 years ago and I didn't care for it. To springy for me.

    I haven't gave it a second chance so I can't really say I'd never try it again.

    I'm a big mono fan of BassPro's Excel and I'm starting to like the Fireline. Commonly we have PowerPro on all our trolling rods so I like that braid too. I'd like to try Bass Pro Excel new braid. Some good reviews on that at BP's site. http://www.basspro.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Product_10151_-1_10001_90225____SearchResults