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  1. First off, I want to say hi. I've been poking around the boards for a while, but now I'd like to jump in. Thanks for all your help, even if you didn't know you were giving it:p (I just started fishing last year for the first time since I was a kid, and now I have a yungin of my own and want to be able to take him fishing like my Dad did with me)
    I'll be going out for the first trip of the year to Mosquito in about a week and I can't wait to gett the hull and a line wet. The question I have is this:

    I've read about using Flourocarbon leaders. I'll mostly be drifting and casting for walleye and was wondering if you guys think using flouro leaders would be a help, or not worth the energy? And if I were to use them, would it be good to pre-tie leaders onto the lures and use a snap swivel at the other end for quick interchange?

    Thank you for all your help, and I plan to spend a little more time talking on the site now, and hopefully I'll have some fish to show for it! ;)
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    I don't know if I'd go through the trouble. Flouro is great, but if the water isn't clear (like Lake Erie, or winter steelheading) I don't think it's necessary.

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    I always use a fluoro leader, even in stained water like Mosquito or Westbranch. I use 14 lb Fireline braid with a 6 lb fluoro leader. I use the back-to-back Uni knot to tie the leader on. This site will show you how.....

    I've found this way to work better than tying to a swivel

    Welcome to OGF!

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    In my experience, there are as many people who swear that it helps as those who swear that it did nothing for them.

    I can't say that I have ever noticed a difference, even against braid, although I should note that I currently do not actively fish for trout/steelhead (which are considered extremely line-shy), so I won't comment on that. However, it is far from invisible in the water (as touted), and in many cases is no less visible than mono (due to reflectivity, opacity, etc.), so I feel that the supposed benefit over mono in terms of visibility may be mostly hype.

    That being said, it is more dense than mono, and tends to be stiffer, so it will affect action, which may be a positive in certain instances. It is also fairly resistant to abrasion, so you have to re-tie less often. There also seems to be a bit of a sensitivity advantage over most mono.

    If I were in your positions, I would try without leaders first, and if that doesn't work out, switch to the fluorocarbon and see what happens. The best thing for you to do is to try it for yourself. After all, what you hear from others is often far from objective fact.
  5. Thanks for all your advice guys, I appreciate it.
  6. IMO if you're using mono there isn't any need for a fluoro leader but it works great with braid. Use a uni to uni knot as Brian said and you can use a small snap without a swivel on the end of the leader for quick bait changes.