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  1. To all the guys that troll for steelhead I was wondering what brand and what pound test florocarbon you use for leaders. And do you use longer leaders with it or shorter. I've never used it before so any input would be great. Thanks.
  2. I just use 6# Vanish Fluorocarbon, hasnt dissapointed me so far.

  3. I believe Seagaur makes the best flurocarbon products. Depending on the type water and specie you are fishing for dictates what to use(in my opinion).
    For river fishing and lakes where tou will encounter a lot of rocks and other structure you should select the true "Leader Material" as it is much more abraision resistant the the "Line" which will not stand the same amount of abuse but is much more limp. The Leader Material is much more expensive than the Line. There is a third choice from Seagaur which is their top end Leader Product that is thinner in diameter for the same pound test than the standard Leader. It is also MUCH more expensive but allows you to use a less abvious leader with superior strength. I only use the high end leader material when steelhead and trout fishing.
  4. i like seaguar,and ashima. 6 and 8lb test
  5. Thanks for the replies guys, Will probably try the seagar. Have heard nothing but good things about it.
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    i would have to say no on the vanish... I hated that line...just didn't work for me....
  7. My comments regarding selection for different conditions still hold true but for trolling (Lake Erie or other big waters) I use 20" Seagaur Line for leaders. My trolling leaders vary from 6ft to 10ft in length depending on conditions. Keep in mind that unlike a walleye that usually strikes in a "pull back" fashion, a steelhead usually "smashes" the lure and follows with a powerful run. Set your drag so it breaks on the strike and have the clicker engaged so you are alerted when not watching the rod.
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    I run vanish floro also in 17lb AND I use snubbers. I run 20lb trilene xl, low vis green for my main line. I'm not a fan of braid and because all of my rods/reels are identical, I can notice the slightest difference or sag between rods, if I happen to not be paying attention and get an eye hit. You will hear the trout hit before you see them!

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  9. 20# Seagar floro but snubbers are a must. Gander mtn has them or you can pick them up on line
  10. Thanks again to everyone that replied, looks like I'll be trying the seagar. Been trolling for salmon and steelhead for over 10 years but never used any floro leaders before. Would like to try some on the tough days.
    As far as snubbers go, wouldn't waste my money on them. Caught many salmon and steelhead on dipseys without them and have ""NEVER"" lost one of either species because I didn't have them. Friend is a charter captain on lake ontario and have never seen him use them either. When I asked him about them he told me if your equipment is set up right, you don't need them. Salmon and trout are all he fishes for all year so figured he would know. Haven't had a fish prove him wrong in over ten years yet. Nothing wrong with using them if you do, But I don't use them.
    Once again THANKS to everyone that responded, the seagar gets the nod here.