Florida vs. Oklahoma

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  1. Well...let's hear some predictions! Which team will take home the national championship and why?

    I'd love to see the Sooners take home a title, but I don't think they will. Florida's defense has the athletes to at least manage the Sooners on offense and I think the Sooners are sporadic on defense and they're missing DeMarco Murray for the game.

    Gators - 37
    Sooners - 23
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    florida has alot of speed and has been there before.
    i'm really looking forward to watching this one.

  3. Im looking forward to the game. I really hope the Sooners keep up and can take care of the gators. Would love to see the Sooners win.
  4. Sooners are due worse than OSU, but I think UM and the Gators get it done. After all UM admitted he carries a buckeye in his pocket for good luck:)

    I really don't care who wins - I just hope it close and as good as the Fiesta.
  5. I'm wondering if Florida's secondary can handle the wideouts from OK. If they can't and the hugh offensive line gives Bradford time, Florida might be in trouble. Florida has to get to the QB to win. I'm picking Oklahoma 38 - 28.

  6. Oklahoma typically starts each game fast. The only way I see Oklahoma winning this game is if they can get up on Florida 14-0 or 21-7. They have to force this game to be a shootout. If they can't do this, I expect them to get blown out.

    Gators 34
    Sooners 17
  7. Wow! OU's lowest season point total was 35 twice earlier in the season. I can't imagine anyone shutting that offense down to 17 points. If they do that would have to be one of the best defensive performances ever. I really don't see either defense being able to shut each other down. I see it as a true shootout.

    Florida 41
    OU 38
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    Hell of a game. Good D and enough offense. I picked Oklahoma but cant complain after a game like that. I was sick of seeing blowouts in the National Championship. Not a crack at OSU fans. Seems like for years it has not been competitive.
  9. It was indeed a very good game. Oklahoma had their chances in that game. Failures in the red zone proved to be their demise. Getting nothing on two drives inside the 10 and having a FG blocked were enough to have gotten them there. I think both QB's played very well. Tebow proved to be the difference maker in the second half. He is such an effective runner and run the option as well as anyone I have seen in a long while. Add the shovel pass to that option and it is dangerous.

    I think Bradford will make a very good QB at the next level. And whoever gets Harvin is also getting a superstar. He is special.
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    I couldn't have said this better. He has been an awesome team leader this year and I'm glad we didn't face them!
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    Yeah, Florida won but I dont think either team would win in a + 1 system going up against USC next. Either one would get spanked!
  12. I must have watched a different game - I was unimpressed with the play both teams. I watched them both play during the regular season and neither team played well, nor up to their capabilities. Sure, they are playing another top team, but the execution was not there.

    IMO the long layoffs really have an effect on these college teams. I know it gets beat to death in the media, but I'm a believer. Tebone made some terrible throws that I didn't see him make during the regular season - the one interception was a REALLY bad read. Even if he throws that ball to the outside (where it should have went) it is picked off or batted down.

    Both these QBs are fabulous college players and these teams are loaded with talent - IMO they could have both played much better. Oh well, it's all over for another year:(
  13. I actually did not see the first 1.5 quarters of the game so I am guessing that there was more signs of rustyness in that period (which contributed to why neither could get onthe scoreboard). I agree that there were mistakes made that were uncharacteristic but I do think that both defenses played very well. I didn't see the first Tebow Int so I can't comment on that one. I know Bradford had two picks but the first one was when he was pu t in a situation of needing to throw to the end zone on the final play of the half. And his late Int should have been a catch by the receiver but the defender took it away.

    I think some of what many may have interpreted as poor offense was really a result of some good defense. I am okay with it playing out the way it did and not high scoring. If it had been high scoring I believe many would would question how good the defenses really were.

    It was nice to get to watch a title game that was tight till the end.
  14. Peter Warrick just called me and said..... "Not so fast bkr"
  15. That is a good one.:D That may be a good comparison and I may be wrong but I just see him as being a tougher more physical player than Warrick. I could be wrong. At least I won't have to pay him millions to find out whether or not I am in fact wrong.:p
  16. bkr43050 - The defenses definately had something to do with the play of both offenses. And yes, the rust started to wear off after the first quarter & offenses typically struggle at first in these bowl games. However, I watched these teams play some pretyy good opponents this year and they are both better than they showed.

    I guess I was expecting better execution from these teams - they are both really, really good teams on both sides of the ball.

    I wasn't disppointed with the way the game played out as it was a tough, closely fought game. I just wasn't impressed by what I saw out of either. Neither team looked any better than a handful of other teams out there.
  17. We shall see, but there are just so many examples of players like him, that I lean more toward him being a bust than not. We see players all the time that are just phenomenal in college until the speed of the game catches up to them at the next level. Perhaps if he ends up in some sort of wildcat crap in the league, he'll be okay. The only two "little" guys that I think have turned into solid pros are Steve Smith and Wes Welker.

    Desmond Howard, Rocket Ismail, Chris Gamble, Ted Ginn, Reggie Bush, etc, were all game changing players in college.... the jury's still out on the last three, but I think it's fair to say none have been as productive as folks originally thought.

    On the other hand, guys you never heard of with size (Colston, Boldin, etc) have turned into pro-bowlers.
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    Now that it's all over there is 1 more game I would love to see......
    Florida vs USC in neutral territory, that would settle it in my mind!!