Florida Vacation (long story )

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  1. went to Florida this past week and what a heck of a time it was.(thurs night) started off with a blown tire right outside of columbus on the motor home. so at 12:30 in the morning there I am changing the right rear tire on the side of the highway with semi's flying past me at 70 mph rocking the heck out of the MH. Finally get back on the road and We are making some pretty good time, We get 17 Miles out of knoxville tenn at 6:00 am and blow another tire. this time it was the left rear inner tire. Guess what NO SPARE. called a millon places and we finally get someone out there at about 9:00 am
    Well this guy is like right next to the highway changing the tire with morning rush hour flying past him. well we get to looking at the other tires and they are all dry rotted so we decided to follow this guy to his shop and change all the tires for new ones(6 tires)3 hours and 1700.00 dollars later we finally get back on the road. So almost 8 hours behind we finally arrive at Ocala Florida at 11:30 pm fri night.
    left Ocala Sat morn and went to an rv park in Kissimmee Fla, Well Me being who I am brought my poles and tackle with me. they ended up having a 1 acre pond there to fish in. So I walked down to it and took a look around and fell in love. you could see the huge cats swimming around in this place also some nice bass and bluegill. Well I thought I would try my luck sat night with some of the Florida cats.
    I was All set up and 2 minutes later WHAM my pole goes crazy I am fighting this sucker for a good twenty minutes. I get this thing about 5 feet from shor and up comes a 3 AND A HALF FOOT GATOR. Scared the living crap out of me I thought I caught a huge cat and it was a gator. Well of course I didnt have my camera on me so I fought with him for a little while until my line broke.
    I fished that pond every evening from sat to the folling friday and all I caught was that one gator. I did end up getting some pics of him though.
    All in all we had a pretty good time. We spent mon and tues at universal, wensday at disney, thurs at Daytona beach and Fri at Universal again. Left sat at 1:30 pm and ended up home at 12:30 sunday. with no problems
    I am glad to be home. I havent been catching many fish up here this year but I will be glad to get back out on the water to fish for something that dont think that I am bait. :D :D :D
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    great story to read, not sure how good it was for you. atleast you didn't get bit by the gator and now have new tires! glad you made it back ok.

  3. after the 1700 for the tires I would have been sunk, adleast you still made a vaction out of it :D :D
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    It would almost be worth all of the trouble if you would have had your camera with you. That gator must have given you a nice fight. $1700 is alot for 6 tires. I would be cryin'.