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  1. never posted on here before just usually look around but i am heading to sarasota florida on feb. 1st don't know what the name of the lake is that we are fishing. my cousin lives down there and he said he is taking me to a place that is incredible, beyond that i don't know anything about the lake no clue on depth, color, or surroundings of the lake. just wondered if any of you have any suggestions on what to try out.
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  3. This should be a great time to try and target big females on the beds. I have talked to a few credible sources on Florida Bass fihsing as Iam headed there myself for a tournamnent in the end of Feb. Al told me that end of Jan through mid feb wil have spawing fish withmost of the fish being spwned out by the timer i get there. I like weightless plastics(senkos/stickbaits)on beds and tubes. Every one is different, but thats my take. Good luck.