Florida goliath grouper

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  1. It's not my cup of tea, but I had to do it just once. We were targetting sharks in Boca Grande Pass, but they just weren't around. A front had moved through, dirtied up the water and moved them out. So, we tried our luck on goliath grouper, one of the largest members of the grouper family.

    We used a heavy conventional rod, heavy braided line and cable for leader. Bait was a 10-pound chunk of stingray. We hooked several and landed one. The one we got weighed an estimated 250 pounds -- not a real big one. We took photos of the fish at boat's side, then released. You cannot remove them from the water and there's no harbest allowed.

    That's my last goliath grouper (intentionally).

    The fish:


    The bait:

  2. Very cool, We saw one when I went deep see fishing also had another come up and eat a 10-15lb amberjack that we were fighting. I would really hate to be that stingray. lol

  3. oh man i have got to give that a try someday. Congrats on the c&r
  4. That had to be one major workout to coax that thing boatside.:eek: 10 pound stingray chunk for bait? I can't even imagine that kind of fishing!:eek:
  5. If you search "chew on this" on youtube, you will find a guide has many videos of him catching the goliath or "JEW FISH". He has caught them as big as 500-600 pounds.
  6. nice jewfish. I've caught a few much smaller in the 30# range while fishing for black grouper there at the old dock off the end of boca.I'll have to try for the biger ones next time.