Florida fishing help?

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  1. Hey guys, I will be in florida feb 28- mar 4. Staying around Reddington beach and Clear water I have fished the peir in Reddington but always in late march. Can anybody help me on what i can expect to be in (if anything). Me and my fiance will be going deep sea fishing one day (atleast):D and iv always done well with the head boat Double Eagle. Does anyone have any experiance with another boat that may be better. I would really like any help about the peir techniques, tackle, what to fish for anything would help. Thanks guys OGF people never let me down!!!!!
  2. Seyeslayer,

    I've always had a great time in FL. I usually bring 2 rods. A medium action and a Heavy Duty Surf Rod (You can buy a cheap combo for about $25 in Walmart in FL). I used the medium action with either live or frozen shrimp or squid. Usually 2 hooks and a sinker...Cast in the Surf especially close to a drop off and you'll catch anything from Red Fish, Drum, Spanish Mac, Sea Trout, and maybe even a Snook (You need a special $3 license to keep snook). You can try the same rig off the piers. Sometimes I use a weighted lure, I forget what you call them, but they are shiney and used expecially for Spanish Macs. You are supposed to reel them in real fast for a few seconds, pause let the lure sink to the bottom and repeat...It can be a blast when they are running.

    The heavy duty rod, I use a big 4 inch hook or so with 30 lb mono, squid, and fish at night for Sharks off the pier...

    I'll be headed down in March again. Only one thing beats hooking up with Chrome in Lake Mich or Erie - and that's Saltwater! Good luck. I wouldn't mind learning any tips you have for OH Steelies...

    If you don't have a landing net for the pier (on a rope), I use a nylon cord with a weight and treble hook to help land any big fish / sharks.