Florida Charter Recommendation? both coasts

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  1. anyone recommend a charter or headboat in either the sarasota area or fort pierce down to fort lauderdale area?
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    What do you want to fish for?
    Bluewater or inshore?

  3. the florida charter fishin i went on was pretty bad... no one (out of about 20 people) caught anything over 2 lbs.... of course, the bait they provided was only a 2 inch piece of squid.. i had a better time at okeechobee...
  4. Im going to Destin Fla in 2 week . I hear its good fishing there will let you know when i get back
  5. I used to live in Palm Harbor, just north of Destin, My suggestion would be Reddington Long Pier, about half way out the pier is a sign where the coral stops and the sand begins, if you fish with essentially a drop shot right on that edge with crab meat or live grunts, I used to catch a ton of monster reds and snook there at night, there is also some great inter-coastal waterway fishing in that area. The crystal river is just north of there if your looking for some freshwater while your there. There is also a good charter that runs out of St. Petersburg its located in one of the "tourist traps" centers, I can't remember the name of it but when I get home I have all their info still as well as some pics of big snappers and groupers which is primarily what that charter is for, but my suggestion would be night fishing reddington long pier, it's family friendly and that place produces like no other pier in the state. oops sorry wrong thread, still good fishing though.
  6. Gulf Coast Hubbards Marina at John's Pass Treasure Island area, just up from St. Pete Beach
  7. used to live in stuart fla.."sailfish capital of the world" never gone fishing with him but VJ Bell is widely considered the best boat capt in the area..his boat is the Challenge and you can get more info at challengesportfishing.com. hope it helps good luck