Florida Bass in Dec.

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  1. I am going to Destin Florida the middle of Dec. for 3 days. I will be fishing the lakes on the golf course there. Any tips on where to look for them. I am not familiar with bass fishing in Fl. I have read that the spawn starts as early as Dec. in Fl. Should I assume that the bass will be on a pre spawn pattern and fish topwater/crankbait, or flip the shallows? Any help is appreciated.
  2. The fact that your fishing golf course lakes means the fishing should be good.
    How did you secure that sweetheart deal?
    Anyways, the only thing that might shut them down is the weather. These bass down here tend to shut down when a strong cold front comes through.
    We have had had 3 consecutive nights in the low 30's up here in Ocala and the fishing has really slowed.
    Good luck but I don't think you'll need it. Golf course lakes are great.

  3. Thanks for the help. I am staying at Sandestin Golf and Beach resort. When you stay there you can fish any of the lakes on the 2400 acre property free. No a bad deal at all. I caught a bass last summer there that was easily 9+lbs but I did not have a camera and I didnt' want to take a chance on hurting it waiting for someone to come down with a camera. I hope to catch her again. I'll let you know how I do. Thanks again for the advice.

  4. Bass fishing could be real slow in December around Destin. Believe it or not, it does get reall cold in that part of Florida. But you might have a chance since you'll be fishing lakes that don't get a lot of pressure. Try slowly worked plastic worms, jerk worms and small spinners. You could get into some decent bluegill and speckled perch. Probably a little too early for bass to spawn in north Florida.
  5. For you guys down in FL...I'll be in Ocala the week of Christmas. I might get a chance to fish with a guy my dad works with. He apparently fishes local tourneys there. What kind of things should I be targetting this time of year? If any of you locals go out, what are the odds you have an open back seat? I'll hook you up if you make it up this way in the non-winter months.

    Fish4life, I might have run into you down there. I was at the Residence Inn there last week.
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    Super flukes are awesome for Florida bass.
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    Don't forget to have some green pumpkin tubes and some 3-4 inch senkos, same color. Fish 'em slowwww.
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    I'm jealous of you. Florida bassing has been amazing for me in the past. I used everything from topwater, to texas rigs. This was in early March though, a totall different game I'm guessing.