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  1. I saw a few pics already of flooding in various areas so I thought perhaps we could start a thread here to post some pictures of flood areas around the state. Not that I like the floods but I certainly marvel at the power and the incredible amount of water. I know that there are several places throughout the state that are at all-time record highs or at least heights not reached in several decades. If we are fortunate we will never see it again in our lifetime but I would like to witness a bit of it for memory sake.

    Delaware Reservoir Current Pool 944.78 Old pool of Record 944.76
    Dillon Reservoir Current Pool 784.38 Old pool of Record 772.89
    Mohawk Dam Current Pool 875.12 Old pool of Record 873.94

    I know there are others around the state but these are 3 rather close to me. I would like to make it around to get some pictures and if I do I will post them. Hopefully others can do the same.

    Oh and most importantly, if you do go out to get pictures be safe. Please don't disregard warnings and such. The rescue crews have enough to deal with without having to save us photographers.;)

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    Bubba, You alive? I was affraid that you floated on down. Give me a buzz, just bought a new ice outfit from Ebay. I'm either going to catch some stuff ice fshing this year, or my fat @%& is going to break the ice trying!!!!!
  3. I was in Killbuck on Wdnesday covering the flood for the news, but I left my digital at home. I'll take it with me tomorrow because I know we'll be doing more on the flood, probably in the Bolivar/Dover/New Philly area. But, who knows?

    If anyone has any stories concerning the flood and wants to get on TV, let me know here and I'll run it by the bosses. Summit, Portage, Stark, Wayne, Medina, and probably Holmes counties would be our area to keep an eye on. We were in Brewster, New Philly, and Bolivar Thursday, Killbuck Wednesday.

    Just let me know here in this thread and I'll PM you for contact info.
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    I'll be hitting Charles Mill and Pleasant Hill (IF I can get down the roads). Will post pics/info as soon as I get back.
  5. I heard from someone this morning that US 62 is closed at Brinkhaven now. He said he was going to try and get down and take a look. Hopefully he will have some pics to post.
  6. This is on the south side of Grand Lake St.Marys

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    hope all this rain is gone for a long time, was kinda iffy at my place for awhile, thought I was gonna get flooded out.
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    Clark County ( Springfield, Ohio )

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