Floating The Grand For Steelhead

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  1. What Would Be A Good Section To Float For Steelhead? What Levels/discharges Are Best?....thanks!
  2. i usually wade the dam by 534. i see people launch canoes and boats just down the way and have access and a bait shop and stuff.

  3. Go in at Hidden Valley off of 528 in Madison. Very deep I see alot of people go in right their.
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    that dam is also good for bass in the summer. just wanted to let you know.
  5. wow cast... here you are making it to the grand when previously your only point of access was Springfield Lake because you live in a trailer and you're 14... you're a mystery
  6. JCU....I agree....all of his posts are middle of the day when he should be in school? Something "fishy"....no pun