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Floating Level fly line good for anything?

Discussion in 'Fish on the Fly' started by Janus, Jun 9, 2007.

  1. I have a couple of spools from old reels I bought on ebay. Anybody find any use for it?. Backing? indicators?..reluctant to toss it..
  2. the only real difference between lvl and wf is lvl roll casts better and wf cast better for shorter distances since ally the weight is in the uppper portion of the line. If you cast for 25 or more feet often you really wont notice too much of a difference.

  3. I turned a bit into a sunglass strap...after that, dunno.

    If your really know how to cast and cast well...the previous post is correct from what I am told.
  4. mazer

    mazer Master of Creek Chubs

    Haven´t been reading the forums lately. Getting ready to move down south...

    If you did not ditch the line already, hang on to it. Previous post is correct. I have a level line, and like it just fine. And I do not think you need to be an expert caster to use it, either.

    In fact I learned to cast on a level line as a teenager. Then I drifted out of the sport as priorities changed. Don´t worry, now they are in the right place and I´m back to fly-fishing :)