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floated alum, in the creek

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Danshady, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. me and a buddy floated alum today about a five mile stretch or so took about 8 hours. had a great day, with beautiful weather and pretty good floating water. hit some decent water and not a whole bunch of dragging but a little. anyways to the good stuff...ended up with about 30 fish which for eight hours is not that much, mostly all rock bass and a few blue gill and i did hit a nice five lb catfish that i thought was gonna be a huge smallie...which speaking of there were none caught, no sm or lm all rock what is up with that we hit some pretty good water and had no trouble gettin rock bass to bite but no sm???? does that creek not hold alot of them in there? i caught most of the rock bass on either a white hair jig or a black rooster tail. that was the only two baits i could get anything on..experimented with some texas rigged worms, crawlers, buzzbait, frog, roadrunners, twistertails. buddy fished mostly bobber and minnow, and not much luck with that either.
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    I've only fished that creek a few times(been 15 -20 years) and I caught about the same as you, water looked good, plenty of carp, gills, but SM are few and far between. Others on this site do good there, not me, but I might have to investigate it with the yak soon before I write it totally off my list, but there is too many good SM creeks around, a marginal creek I don't want to waste a day for.

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    I live about half a mile from Alum where it passes under Schrock Rd. I always wondered if anyone ever fished it and if so were they succesful. My Dad and I used to set a minnow trap in Alum where it flows under Westerville Rd and seen a lot of Gar and Carp.....
  4. exactly, my next float will be in the darby or walnut until the scioto gets better anyways. i have never flaoted the walnut though im gonna have to do some scouting to seee where i can get in and out of. alum did shock me though cause i do well in the res. on sm and lm and eyes too. i did float alot of decent water yesterday that should have produced some better fish.
  5. If you don't mind me asking, what 5 mile stretch of AC did you float? I always wondered how navigable the creek was starting at Lewis Center Rd.
  6. I fish the creek about 3-4 times a week(as I live about 2 minutes from it), for no more than an hour and when the water is right I catch anywhere from 3-10 nice smallmouth from 10-19 inches. This year has been fantastic for me, I have started my brother-in-law fishing that stretch and we are doing very well. Nice smallmouth, but as you can tell there are only a certain number of holes to hit, it has taken us years to know the area but there are some real beauties.
    Net: I went on a canoe trip from Lewis Center to Main street (westerville)... WOW! what a journey. Some fantastic waters, however go with someone who wants to take a long long canoe trip...
  7. yea thats pretty far, but some good holes in there though, a lil bit of draggin, i dont mind for some good holes, my buddy yesterday was wussing out on me though, hes cut off those trips haha
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    See my pictures for the answer to your question asking if there were any smallies in Alum.