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  1. after tossing around the idea of getting a small plastic truck bed sized boat, to buying a kayak, I have finally decieded to buy a float tube instead.

    Main reason, I own a chevy aveo, and can't tow anything. I also am thinking about getting a float tube, since I wade 99.5% of my fishing. Then when the river gets too deep, I could hop in the tube and be on my way. Would get a kayak, but the roof rack for my car would cost 300 hundred dollars...

    Now I just need some advice on what tube to buy. This winter with my bonus from work, I am going to invest 200-300 in a decent tube and tube accessories. I'm waiting till then in hopes of getting last years model on sale, as I am seriously the cheapest person I know.

    Here's the tube I was thinking of buying:

    need some pro-cons about float tubes, and anyone who can recommend a decent tube brand is greatly appreciated!!!! I'll be using it a lot, and don't want to get a model that breaks after three uses. Also, should you buy an anchor? portable fish finder?

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  3. was planning on getting a inflatable pontoon till I Read all the reviews of the frames breaking at the welds. This seemed to be the universal problem with the cheaper (150-300$ models) that I can afford.

    I would for sure get a pontoon, except to get a good brand you're talking 500 to 1500 depending on the model.
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    Gotcha' and I wasn't aware of those problems. I did see a guy fishing the Greenbriar in WV in one and saw him glide over riffles with only inches of water. I thought "That would be the ticket!" Sorry I can't be more help, good luck in your search.
  5. I used a tube for one summer at a small lake up by me. I had a relatively cheap one, I think I paid $150 or something like that. They are fun and can bet you to places you can't get to by bank fishing or wading. I'll try to list some pro's and cons for you.

    1) access to anywhere you are willing to go.
    2) light weight so you can take it anywhere.
    3) Stores small so you can keep it in a closet or where ever when not using it.
    4) good exercise and you can keep cool on hot days

    1) Using the flippers is hard work and a slow go. I could only figure out how to go backwards.
    2) You sit very low in the water so it is hard to see what you're casting at and can make for wierd casting angles.
    3) Even small fish will pull you around and the fight is funny because you sit so low.
    4) Limited amount of tackle and rods can be taken. Realistically only one rod.
    5) I was always a little scared that I would somehow lose air. Wear you life jacket when you're in the thing!

    All in all I had fun with mine it just wasn't really my thing.
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    I've had one for close to 20 years, they are great for small ponds. They are really nice when the temperature is over 90°, very relaxing. I never tried using it in a creek or river. Current could be a problem and walking in them with the fins on isn't real easy.

    I didn't use regular swimming fins, the ones I used were called "Pro Duck Fins" I believe. I can't find a link to them anywhere but they were hinged squares of plastic about 6x6 that attached to your shoes. Once you got used to them, it was pretty easy to move forward.
  7. Another Con You have to register them just like a boat, if you are going to use any public waters. I know its a bunch of crap, but there was a big thread on here about it.
  8. i was planning on towing the tube when I was wading the currents, and using the tube for deeper slow pools that I can't currently fish, due to it's depth.
    I know of a ton of slow deep parts on the scioto. I'm just dying to get out to those parts, but I don't want to die in the process. I've heard of people doing the same in kayaks, so I'd think it would be possible with a tube.

    yeah, I heard it's like 15 bucks for three years. That's not bad.
  9. My dad gave me some advice, spend a little extra money to buy something nice, rather than having to buy junk twice.