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  1. Hey fellas,

    I've got a question----has anyone ever tried out the kind of flippers that propel you forward? If so, what was your experience with them like? Did you like them or not? Pros and cons? Also, where did you find them and how much were they?

    Lots of questions, huh? I think I'd like to try them but if everyone thinks their too noisy or bothersome or something, I wont even bother

    Thanks a bunch

  2. Four or five years ago, when I first began using a float tube at AEP, my dad and uncle brought along 30-year old float tubes and flippers that they used when they first fished AEP. The flippers strapped to their shins and propelled them forward. It seemed nice to be able to move forward, but the flippers got stuck in mud a few times, and caused them to move much slower through the water. Some duct tape or compression straps can solve the falling off problem. As for the slow factor, it is not so bad as you're fishing, but is pretty exhausting while trying to paddle several hundred yards out of longer lakes.

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    Don't get them. not worth it pastorchris
  4. I didn't like them. When throwing a bait that has a lot of water resistance it will actually pull you forward and you can't work your feet to hold your position. A nice size fish will pull you around. I'd stick with the flippers,(kick fins). Hope this info helps. Tony