Float trip tomorrow. Where to go?

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  1. Hello Everybody,
    Myself and a couple of friends want to float a local stream tomorrow. Does anybody know a good stream with some water in it and the fishing is pretty good? How about the big darby. Where on the big darby? We would like to target smallmounth. We are bringing different cars so we could float anywhere. Thanks for you help. Mark
  2. I don't give river fishing reports for personal reasons, but I'd recommend going to the lower stretches of the river you choose. If you fish the upper portions of most of the rivers I've seen lately (Central OH) you will be doing more pushing and carrying than floating.


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    I think you would do much better wading tomorrow than trying to float. I "floated" the Darby on Saturday and did almost as much dragging as floating. The Darby has about half of the water in it today than it did on Saturday. If you want to float, I think you would have to head a few counties north or east to Mohican or Tuscarora--they got more rain over there.

    Maybe you already know about them, but the links below are gold. The first one is a clickable map for all of the flow rates of Ohio streams and the second is a clickable map for canoe put-ins on Ohio streams.


    As far as the Darby goes...I'd put in anywhere between Milford Center and Chilicothe.....:rolleyes:
  4. Thanks streamstalker and Toolman,
    I am not looking for anybody secret hole. I am just looking for some water with some smallmouth. Most of the time I fish the kokosing river but it is really low right now. Thanks for the info. Mark
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    All the flows are really low right now. You might venture east and try the tuscarawrus or venture north and hit the Sandusky.

    I'd love to hit the scioto @ north end of Oshay, but I can't get out.

  6. marka88,

    I didn't mean that to sound like it did, but IMO there is good reason. The lower portions of most rivers hold more water (and smallies) right now. Everything around here is below normal and typically too low to float.

  7. yea my float trip on the tangy turned into some major work yesterday, only a few decent holes and alot of wading/dragging and ran out of daylight b4 we got to where we could get the boat out of the water...:( how about the mad river, im sure is got water.
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    My sarcasm about where to put in on the Darby wasn't directed at you. I inadvertently posted some info on the Darby the other day that sparked a firestorm of debate. I just did not want that to flare up again. I figured anyone that read yesterday's posts would get the joke.
  9. I got it Streamstalker!! But i am staying out of this one;) !!
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    me 2 fishslim, I'll waste my time fishing,lol.
  11. Pm me and I'll point you in the right direction.
    There aren't many with enough water that are also good fishing, but there's a couple.
    If you would give up the boats for wading shoes, you'd have alot more options.