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  1. My son and I just got back in....spent 1.5 hours at the neighbors farm pond with the float n fly. We each got two bass 1 1/4 to 2 1/2 lbs. Not a bad trip for February in Ohio.

  2. was that the float & fly rod from bass pro shop? sounds like a supper day fishing.

  3. great... I have had alot of luck with float n fly for crappie too.
  4. Yeah. I bought the rod at Bass Pro last year and then never fished it till this year. I put a Mitchell 308 on it and then bought some Bob's bobbers and some 1/16th jigs on e-bay. The outfit works great.

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    I read up on the float n fly technique - sounds interesting. I use a similar approach, only without a float because I'm fishing shallower water in rivers. I like throwing tiny jigs on 4 lb line - like "popeye" jigs. Its just a BB with feathers. But they're kindof neutral buoyancy - you can let them hang in one spot, and vibrate the rod tip just a little bit - sometimes that brings a strike. (I read about the technique years ago in Fishing Facts magazine, they referred to it as the "nervous grublet" technique (they used the curly tail jigs.)) Sometimes you can catch really nice bass on tiny jigs.
  6. there is a guide, Bob Coan, at Dale Hollow that swears by the float and fly technique; in fact, he doesn't use anything else. I bought the tackle at BPS last fall along with an instruction DVD; i'm going to test it out this spring.