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  1. I am trying to get better at flippin! Can anybody help with my lure selection?
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    I like a 1/4 or 5/16 jig with a trailer. Lots of docks where I fish, today most were up under docks in the main lake. Good Luck.

  3. I am guessing portage?
  4. beaver type baits with smallest wieght possible
  5. I agree with Bassman, put a creature type bait on Texas rigged, with light weights, then you're weedless...one less thing to worry about. Then just worry about putting that bait in every good looking spot, crevice, hole, etc...as many times as possible. If bass are there, they'll bite a piece of plastic put in their face and dangled...
  6. thanks for the info! i have been told that a 3/16oz wieght is the best size. maybe that is why i am not getting as many bites as i should. should i go to a 1/8oz or even smaller?
  7. yea i use the smallest clam wieght that bass pro sells on braided line
  8. I try to use the lightest I can get away with. If it is calm you can use a lighter weight than say on a windy day. Use just enough to stay in touch with whatever kind of bait you are flippin with.I very seldom use over 1/4 oz.myself no matter what kind of bait I am using.If you want to flip a small jig try some of Strike Kings bitsy flippin jigs in 1/4 oz.They have good wide-gap flippin hook in them and I have very good luck on them.
  9. Thanks again! I am going to leesville sunday and do nothing but flip!!
  10. not very good flippin but i did catch a few. 2- 12 1/2"