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  1. Im new to this web site and love to fly fish as much as possible. I order my flies from flyshack and wondering if anyone has had any problems with any of there flies. Also does anyone think the flies at the big shops are any better for the price u pay for them.
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    As far buying them they probably ok but I tie just about all mine since I have more control over how well they are made. You are more likely buying flies that were made in the Asian country which I find that they usually not durable but don't hesitate to buy them if you are not tying them yourself. I see you are in Wellington. I lived between Wakeman and New london Off of Rt 18 and Chenango Rd. before I moved southeast. Lots of good fishing around wellington especially Caley National Wildlife area. Bass there will readily nail a fly on top.

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    Do you have any one legged fishing buddies? LOL. Surgery went good I'll call you tomorrow.
  4. I've ordered from them in the past and have had no problems at all with their flies.