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  1. Well, I just returned from my annual trip to Fletchers. Due to severe weather Thursday afternoon, we fished just Friday and Saturday for about 8-9 hours each day. I averaged about 20-30 pike and bass per day on various baits. The fishing was a blast, and we caught decent #s, but the size of the fish could have been better. My largest pike was 30 inches and my largest bass was 17 inches. Neither is anything to frown about, but most of the fish were dinkers and hammer handles. I'm convinced that there are more larger fish in the lake that we aren't catching. Does anyone have any advice on both times of the year and baits for larger fish? I'd assume catch less fish that are bigger as long as I don't have to do so through the ice. I'd prefer it to be from a boat. Fletchers is a nice lake for me considering it's only a 5-6 hour drive, and I'd prefer to fish for pike while keeping my $ in the U.S.
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    i got every may 18th +- one week and every weekend after labor day and get good numbers and sizes... love that lake... where are your pics? your first trip to fletchers?

  3. This is my 2nd year. I love the lake along with the fact that it's not far (5-6 hours). Last year, I lost a fish that was in the 36-38 inch class. I got a good look at it. I fought it for a few minutes before it finally jumped clear out of the water and spit my lure. I stayed at Jack's Landing last year, and Brown's Northshore this year. Both were more than adequate for what my group needed, but I would have to give the nod to Jack's considering the prices were comparable. Like I said, we're catching pretty good #s (20-30 fish per person per day), but 90% of the pike are under 23 inches. I'm convinced that there has to be a good # of bigger fish in that lake considering the # of smaller fish that we're catching, but for some reason we just aren't catching them. We spent most of our time fishing the middle section of the lake between Jack's and the public boat launch, but we did spend some time both in closer and out farther. What kind of size are you getting in mid-May, and what are you doing to get them? I haven't given up on the lake, but I am conisdering a different time of the year.
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    im a die hard mepps man... but this year switched to clothesline spinners... BIIIG ones... REALLY BIG ones...

    big one last trip was 33, last year was 35
  5. Nice numbers Bubba! Yeah, with the exchange rate up north your US money doesn't go as far as it use too.
    May or early June for pike. Some like it just after ice out. In the heat of the summer months the big ones go deep.
    The hammer handles will stay shallow. You can target big pike by using large suckers (8 - 10in) near structure using large slip floats or big big jigs with white twister tails.