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  1. Im planning on heading up there this spring probably around the end of May.Was wandering if any body on this site goes in the springtime if so when is a pretty good time to go. If you have went in the spring did you catch any big ons. Do the bass bite pretty good around the end of May. Just trying to get a feel for a good time to go. Any info would be appreciated Thanks
  2. i have been up there a few times and we usually go the first week in june. the fishing is usually pretty good for both bass and pike. we go the first week in june because that is usually when the bass season opens. good numbers of bass 15in to 23in my buddy caught a six lb smallmouth below the dam. most pike were around the 24in? size limit with a few bigger ones mixed in. i was told the pike fishing all depends on the ice fishing and how well the ice fisherman do.

  3. definetly fish below the dam caught both these fishing for crappie last may [​IMG][​IMG]
  4. Nice fish thanks for the replys cant hardly wait till spring to go:>
  5. I like July and August when the bite realyy picks up. We we up there last July 4th and I caught a 26" pike, a 24" bowfin, a few 14-16" LM and a hog of a smallie. All from the lake except the smallie. Oh yea, the first 2 of 3 days we fished for gills and caught 25+ each day. Great for the wife and kids... Seems like #5 mepps was the ticket in the lake. Have fun...
  6. I did better for size in Sept, but caught better #s in early July.
  7. Well Im headed up there memorial day weekend for a week got a trailer at Jacks Landing reserved andbody have any good sugestions on baits for that time of year
  8. Have not been up for a couple years , but here's what I know from several years experience.
    Work the creek channel & the old railroad bed. Have had years of success with 1/4 oz. spinner baits (any color as long as it's chartreuse!!), rapala minnow baits & those that look like them, & trolling shad raps, etc on the drops. There are some huge bass, both types, to be had that time of year & a decent # of pike, although it's dropped off a little. Pretty much as many bluegills & perch as you want to catch. Make sure you have a spare prop if you're taking your own boat. Love that place & area of the state !!
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    we go every year usually twice a year, ill pm you my # and ill give you all the info you want