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fletchers pond mi. report

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports - Out of State' started by discgolfer, Jun 11, 2004.

  1. liquid tension and myself headed up to fletchers pond (9000 acres) in mich last weekend for 4 days of marathon (12 hrs a day avg) fishing.

    it rained most of sunday, but that did not stop us, or the bite. 8 bass for me, 7 for eric. got mine off cp swingers and spinnerbaits. white seems to be the color up there this year. we caught some nice ones. total weight was near 25#. no signs of pike though...

    i started monday off catching a hammer handle pike. then another about 24". we worked the stumps pretty hard and it paid off. eric got a 6# bass, and a couple 4's. i think he got 1 of his nice smallies today too. i got a 4#er under my belt as well. we caught plenty more bass as the day went on. about 8:15pm i got a 28" pike into the boat. as i am reeling in the next cast, about 2 foot from the boat, a pike torpedoes out of the water, grabs my spinner bait, and slams into the side of the boat (airborne)!!! he then takes off-peeling out my line. he turned out to be a 30" with lots of fight in him! i'm sure there were more around, as the bite was on; but the boats had to be in by 9 :( white spinnerbaits w/colorado blades were the lure of choice.

    the water was pretty rough tuesday-"the sea was angry, my friend". winds had shifted and were blowing hard from the east. we caught more bass and a few pike. eric was slaying them on a frenchfry worm. i worked spinnerbaits and a 7" rapala for some decent fish. accidently snagged a bluegill with my em in the boat and saw he was really hooked well right thru the gut with plenty of hook exposed, so...looked like a great bait to me. cast him back out and had a huge hit a minute later-only to lose monster pike, bluegill, and my spinner bait all at once! guess i should have had a leader on that 1.

    we dodged the storms all day wednesday. the east winds and cold front really affected the fishing. we each caught a few off worms and i had one on the rapala. it wasn't a great day, but the 4 days combined made for some excellant fishing! every fish had really good coloring and were full of fight. we witnessed a bald eagle cruising by and catching a bass, loons fighting and acting crazy, heard the coyotes, and plenty more. no panthers or bears stalking us this year since we stayed on the lake. the wildlife and scenery is beautiful. all fish were released in great shape (except for that bluegill). it was truely a great time!!! target the stump fields for bass, the choppy water for pike, and the railroad beds for smallies. i can't wait for next year :) :D :D :)

    p.s. bring plenty of spinnerbaits
  2. LiquidTension

    LiquidTension mouse potato

    What a trip! great time and great fishing..... just wished your uncle was more "into" it.... but we'll set him straight next time.

    heres some pics i put in my gallery: (hope these links work)
    4 1/2 smally

    30 inch pike

    buzzbait victim

    'bout a 6 pdr.

    theres a couple more in our galleries...check 'em out
    9000 acres of weeds and stumps=fishing fun :D :p

  3. catking

    catking Banned

    Thanks guys for such a great report. Felt like I was there with you all. Them are some really nice fish. Thanks again.CATKING :)