Fletchers Floodwaters, Michigan

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  1. Just came back from a decent week of pike/bass fishing up there. Weather started out warm then cooled down. Low 50's in the am and 70's during the day with a good west wind almost everyday. Most days we caught 10-15 bass and 10-15 pike. Only caught 1 keeper pike (26in) but most were 18-22 inches. Bass were in the 13-17 " range with a few 4lbrs going 20". Thanks to fellow Ogf members (littleking, time4fishing and a few others) who offered up some tips back in may.
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    Yep, been there many times. Very fishy lake. I quit going after they announced the mercury ban and declared the fish inedible. Not sure if that advisory has been lifted, but if so, where'd the mercury go? You might want to look into that.