Flatheads 8-21

Discussion in 'Ohio River Fishing Reports' started by catfishinfool247, Aug 25, 2004.

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    Fished east of the New Richmond area from the bank which I generally don't do but my truck was giving me fits so I couldn't risk dragging the boat down.It was a beautiful night for fishing.WE caught 3 flatty's,7.2#,8.6#,and 4.11#.The two smaller ones were caught on medium sized live bluegill and I caught the biggest one on a 8-9" live chub.My partner lost a decent fish on live chub and I also lost a good one probably 15-20# fish on live shiner.I fought him for a minute and a half or so and then my other clicker took off but the fish had run through my other line and then drug that rig into a snag which evidently gave him just the leverage he needed to come off of my hook.It would have been a double since my buddy had just put the 7.2#er on the bank.All of our bites with the exception of the one my buddy lost came from right at sundown till about 10:45.As always we released them.All in all it was a fun night but we sure would have like to seen the two that got away but that's the way it goes. Sometimes you're the bug and sometimes you're the windshield.
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    Good deal, when are we hitting the scioto?

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    Nice hearing from ya 'Fool ;) At least I know that area has some freakin fish in it. I'm 0-3 down in that general area :rolleyes: Thanks for the report Mike......... DA KING !!!
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    You fish just up from the ramp amongst the willows and skeeters?
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    Katfish,I have a spot a few miles east of New Richmond actually that I fish occasionally if I'm not in the boat.I used to be happy to share exact locations but that doesn't seem to be the norm around here anymore which I can understand with all the meathunters and slobs leaving the shorelines and waterways looking like landfills.I know you are a C&R fisherman katfish so I definitely wasn't directing anything towards you buddy.And there is definitely nothing wrong with a little selective harvest but some fellas keep EVERYTHING they drag in. FLATHUNTER,I'm clear for the next couple weekends.Just shoot me an email. Maybe some rain will stir things up for us.My brother pulled a 32# flatty out of the scioto last weekend,thankfully he's a C&R man too.