flathead bottom rigs?

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  1. Was wondering how you all set up bottom rigs for flatheads? Im talkin live bait i just used an egg sinker and swivel with a 2-3 ft long leader and used it that way and was wondering if there were any better ways?
  2. Thats the way I always do my rigs....Depends on the current what kind and size of sinker i use...If im fishin a lake i will usually use a 2 or 3 oz egg and if im fishing in the river i usually use a 2oz up to 4oz flat bank, no roll, or bank sinker...

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  4. My leaders never go longer than 1 ft
  5. As Joey said I usually use a short leader as well...and I always use a lighter leader line than my main line
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    Same rig I use and like the other guys I prefer a shorter leader, usually about 8-12". God were all so boring:p
  7. thanks for the info, i'll see if anything changes tomorrow with a shorter leader
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    i wouldnt use a leader any longer then 18 inches long............MOST of my leaders are right around 12 inches long !!!
  9. Atleast I know I am doing something right!:) Too bad I'm not catching any fish though:(
  10. The leaders i was using were right at 20 inches, made em 13 today and had the best success for a while...2 flatheads 13.6 and 10.3 and 8 channels from 1-6.2lbs, thanks for the help guys
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    Thanks for the link Misfit :)

    I'll be trying this out asap !!

    Good Fishing !!