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Flat tire on 44 near the Arsonal????

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Papascott, Jun 24, 2007.

  1. Does anyone happen to know who had the flat tire on their bass boat trailer early this morning? The were running down 44 past the arsonal heading west, on the rim on the drivers side.

    I would personally like to thank them for the gouges and black marks all over the bottm of my boat. The tire you threw off was laying in the middle of the road.

    If anyone knows who this was please let me know.

  2. "Treat it like you stole it" Hmmmm.
    How did a tire put gouges in you boat? and what about your tow vehicle did it also sustain damage? I'm not defending the @@ss hole just curious as to how you ended up with damage.

  3. i was driving down 76 a couple of years ago. i'm in the fast lane doing about 75, next to me is an old beat up van. his front wheel is wobbling like crazy. next thing i know off comes the rim and i'm pinned between this van and the barrier! he goes off the the right, his tire passes me up! it crosses over to the left and the barrier keeps it up right, his rotor assembly comes off too, i manage to hit these and drag them a quarter mile down 76. at this point i'm just happy to be alive. i finally pull over. just cosmetic damage to the bottom of the truck. if i were driving a car, i'd probably be done. debris can cause alot of damage.
  4. Nowake, Papascott is the victim not the perpetrator! The questioning is quite curious.
  5. Drove delivery vehicles (box trucks) for many years and have seen the sheet metal torn and fiberglass ripped by "gators" or blowout tires. The weight and ragged edges can make them dangerous when combined with the speed of highway travel.

  6. nowake, the truck was able to go over the tire without catching anything, but the hitch on the trailer grabbed it and up and into the the bottom of my bow. Have you ever run your hand across a tire with the cords showing? now imagine that at 55-60mph. The bottom of my boat was black all over and some pretty deep scratches.

    It just bothers me most because I just got this boat over the winter and work like hell to keep it clean and pretty and stuff like this happens.

  7. Agent47

    Agent47 Trying to pull it in!!!!

    IN my younger days I had a real nice Ford Ranger I used to use to fish for the ladies with..Had BFG Radials , chrome rims the whole nine yards.
    Had a ball bearing bad in the front in which I was unaware but it made my right front tire pigeon towed. One day me and a buddy decided to go to a Bass fishing tourny at Hodgson while following my dad in his boat. I passed my dad as cell phones were not prominent in them days to tell him I had a serious vibration in my steering wheel when POW!! I watch steel fly everywhere all over in between him and my friend in the passenger side. I pulled over with my dad behind me thank god and see I blew my tire and my fathers truck sustained around 3000 dollars in damages {Marhoffer body dept bill} from the steel that I guess BF Goodrich puts in there radials. I know now that some of the damage had to have been from the gravel but ALOT was also from the steel. Many Factors take place in an instance like this.
    Remember: never get shot on main at 5pm, NO ones story will coincide.LOL
    Hope things get handled Papa and sorry to hear, I KNOW, I had to pay my dad for about 2 years.... I was over 18

    BTW NOOOO I Didnt do it AGAIN
  8. scott check with your insr agent. and yep your right ,he could have stoped and cleared the road ,BUT heres a guy runing with no spare and no brains.