Fixing leaky rivets?

Discussion in 'Canoes & Kayaks' started by dinkbuster1, Jun 6, 2007.

  1. i recently acquired a 35 year old aluminum canoe that has a couple VERY minor leaks at the rivets. how hard is it to replace the rivets? also, the marina where i got the sticker for it today tried to sell me this "stuff" that comes in two tubes that you mix together that will supposedly seal the leaks and is permanent. apparently you can sand it, drill through it, and even tap threads into it once its dried. any suggestions?
  2. You can tighten the rivets with a ball peen hammer and a steel plate (or second hammer) on the back side. Or, you can just use a dab of 3M Marine sealant. The moldable epoxy would work, but it does not stick all that well. The silicone will do a much better job.

  3. Anything short of replacing the rivets is a temporary fix but some methods will work for awhile. I've had good luck using stainless steel #10 x 3/8" round head machine screws, nylon lock nuts, and a dab of sealant.

    A canoe may flex less than an aluminum power boat so some of the temporary repairs may last longer. That is as long as you aren't banging off of rocks.