Fishing with our granddaughter

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    We took our granddaughter Taylor to a local flow Saturday morning. She and I did the double team on a few fish. I would hook them and she would reel them in. Started out with a nice 16.5 inch smallie on a fat IKA. The fish was pulling drag and did a few jumps before she got him in.



    Later in the morning I was still using the IKA and had a nice bite. This fish felt really big. I handed her the pole, but in the transition the fish came off. A little while later I had another hit, set the hook and the line broke at the bail. My bail spring was weak causing the line to ride wrong and get pinched at the side of the roller. I saw the line going out like the fish was still on, grabbed it, brought in the hook but he got away with my IKA. I had one more IKA left. Put it on my other pole and threw out again. A few minutes later set the hook on another fish. Taylor reeled him in, as it got close I saw my IKA behind the fish, falling towards the bottom. But there was an IKA still on the hook. The fish shook theother IKA but not the hook. A nice 14 incher. The fish had been holding on to the first IKA when it hit the second!! I don't know if he had swallowed it and regurgitated it or was just holding on to it. I waded out and recovered both of them.

    A few casts later we got a 16 inch saugeye. She held that one with stringer for a good pic. He was later released. We were really pumped that Tay got to enjoy reeling in some nice fish. Plus she helped catch some softcraws and got herself a toad!

  2. nice pics and a very nice story,that child will have memories she'll cherish for years to come and a very pleasant day for you as well,thanks for sharing it with us.

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    Great story and nice fish.
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    wished my taylor was that thrilled with fishing.

    good job tom