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Fishing Weedless at Mogadore

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Technofish, Jul 3, 2007.

  1. I was wondering what everyone prefers to use to fish for bass through the weeds at Mogadore, including topwater and subsurface baits. I typically use weightless Senkos and frogs. Any input from the "weed" (not the kind containing THC) experts would be appreciated!!!!:D
  2. I like both choices you have listed already for weeds in general. Other options I like are a spinnerbait if the weeds aren't all the way up to the top and just tick the tops of them with the lure. A buzzbait is a topwater equivalent to that. Another option is a lipless crank of some sort or another and a stiff rod and you can actually let the crank catch the weeds a little and then rip it off them. The only other lures I use are a texas rigged worm with a pegged slip weight or a jig. The other option is just to put it in a bong and smoke it :)

  3. I use lipless crank and span it through the weeds.
  4. Lebeau,

    I'm not sure if I understand what you mean by "span it through the weeds." Do you fan cast over weed mats/flats and rip it through when it hangs up? Also what size (and color) lipless cranks do you use? I've found with the larger sizes (1/2 ounce) I get hung up pretty easily. Thanks for the info!:)
  5. I snap it through the weeds. Sorry my brain goes faster than my fingers when typing.