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  1. Was fishing behind Waterworks in the Falls last night and have two questions.
    First Where the heck did the Water go? The river is waydown compared to what used to be.It was like this in the spring also How do you fishwhen it,s like this ?Second I didsee a fish it looked like a perch but it would rest on the bottom using it,s two front fins I was wondering what it was Iwas thinking some sort of Darter but have never seen one before.
    Also Hope The Hogfest went well would like to have been there.
    Maybe next year
  2. No rain in three weeks means low water conditions. Plus, the removal of the monroe falls dam changed the flow below and above it.

    Could be a darter, but if a bit larger, could be a goby.

  3. Thanks for the reply
    It could have been a goby I didn/t think of that
  4. Pikedaddy

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    They took down the Munroe Falls dam. I feel that that whole strech is ruined. I wouldnt even try to fish it anymore. Now the polution just runs downstream faster.

    I dont even see carp down there anymore.
  5. zachtrouter

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    I too think that the dam removal is too blame. The water under that bridge on rt.91 now is about 4 inches deep. Used to kill the smallies right below the dam with the occasional pike but now it is ruined.
  6. Agent47

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    WATERWORKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Everytime I fish it theres 50 kids jumping in, I NEVER can find a spot and I NEVER see any fish...... Lifegaurds.?? they seem to get mad at me also...MAYBE im fishing the wrong part..

    I havent been to that stretch but im hearing its not doing so good on outcome.
  8. Agent 47 that was good!!
  9. After looking up a picture of a northern hogsucker I would say thats a pretty good bet BOSS 302. The only thing i Could not see was the mouth.
  10. Pikedaddy

    Pikedaddy just catch 'em'

    Believe it or not there is less water comming down now . The dam created a larger flow . If you dont believe me call the corp of engineers. There is also more sediment down stream now.

    Maybe it was a brook trout . Ha, Ha, lol
  11. All of those increasing numbers of trout in the Cuyahoga are steelhead.

    Ha, Ha, lol

  12. Pikedady, More sediment makes sence since the river is still correcting itself flushing the sediment/silt developed after years of damed flow. as for the water flow, Removing the dam may have cuased greater fluctuations in flow. But I can't see how there would be reduced total flow beyond seasonal and annual variations by mother nature (and the city of Akron).

    Since the dam was lowered and then "oops it's bad we need to remove it" did the City of Akron reduce it's resivore flow into the river? The dam project was intended to reduce low DO water quality problems. If Akron has reduced it's flow I can understand what you are saying, but it is not a direct result of the dam removal.