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  1. yes, i mainly go by my self for C&R all the time.

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  2. i usually go with a buddie C&R.

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  3. i go with a buddie but keep our catch.

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  4. i go most of the time by myself and catch to keep.

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  1. Ever since i got my boating licence and my driver licence i have noticed that the amount of times i go fishing has gone down tremendously. I think it is because it is just not much fun as it would be if there was someone there. right now my only fishing buddie is my mom. My dad hasn't gone fishing with me in 2 years. how do i know this. it is because he hasn't gotten a licence for the past couple of years. well, after bugging him every few days to go and his response "I have no desire" he finally asked me if i wanted to go with him.:) i got so excited that was all i was able to think about while at school. i get home and there he is sleeping. so i wait a little while then asked him when he wanted to go. his response "u don't really want to go do u". then he gets up and decided to call one of his old buddies for a hour, then he has to check his stocks ect. by now it is 5:30 and he tells me it is too late to go. so i get really pissed off:mad: , and now i don't think well be going any time soon. sorry about the venting and getting off track but i just wanted to see how many actually fish for fun and by yourself.
  2. ParmaBass

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    I usually fish with someone, but if I can't find someone that usually doesn't stop me from going by myself. Sometimes fishing alone can be very relaxing and that's what it's all about!

  3. ya but it has gotten too the point where it is sorta stopping me. That and gas $:D
  4. chaunc

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    I fish by myself about 75% of the time. I understand about the gas money. Make sure you have all your safety stuff with you and wear it. If you want company, take your radio with you.
  5. I go by myself 1 hour a day down to a creek near our shop. I don't have the problem you have, mine is that I am a mother of 2 and finding a babysitter for my boys so that me and their dad can go is nearly impossible. You have try it a few times. I went the first time this summer and found that I really enjoyed it. You can do your own thing and not worry about anyone else. I found a great fishing hole on one of my breaks and now when the shop closes that is where my man goes on his way home. I got to be the one to find the spot this time...It was great!
  6. ezbite

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    i go by myself anytime i can't get someone else to go. keep me in mind this comming season, you can come out with me on erie if you want. i do enjoy walking a breakwall/rocks alone and casting.
  7. Zfish

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    When I lived up North of Columbus my nephew was my primary fishing buddy. I would go by myself every now and again but I find it much more fun to be fishing with a buddy.

    When he lost the desire to go fishing (early teens) for while I got to go fishing with Misfit, Toad, Craig Fletcher and several others and after moving to Cincinnati most of my fishing fun was with Lakeraider (oh the stories) :D

    During ice fishing I always carried a 2 man shanty , 2 vexilars etc even though I went by myself incase I found someone nice to fish with and offered them a seat in the Shanty or tent. I finally broke down and bought a 1 man shanty. I still think it's more fun to have company but it's not always easy to find a fishin buddy !
  8. i always like to have a buddy for the long distance trips. i fish the local stuff near my house alone when i only have a couple hours to kill. it's easier to wake up and say i don't feel like driving to cleveland if i'm not taking anyone. that's when i end up going local.
  9. 90% of the time I go by myself because Its peaceful and It gets your mind off of things for a little while. I have a couple of fishing buddies but we only get together once or twice a month. Its tough to do it when you have a wife and two kids. You have to sneak off for an hour or two after work, and thats only when you're not going to work for a few more hours at a second job and the wife is going somewhere with the kids that day.
  10. I used to fish with Jig all the time but now I have the muskie bug and he doesn't. I have another friend but he only goes once in a while. My brother was fishing with me quite often but he has had some surgery and will be down for a while. Most of the time my dog keeps me company. It seems you want your Dad more than anything else. My Dad wasn't a big fisherman either. He even had a 28' boat and a house trailer in Port Clinton but mostly like to party on the weekends with his buddies that did fish. It's OK. Not everyone likes it. Find another way to spend time with him. I love it when one or both of my girls go with me but I understand muskie fishing is boring to them. Until we get one with them in the boat that is. Oddly, all my bigger fish came when it was just me and the dog.
  11. ncraft150

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    It is about 50/50 for me. I enjoy both fishing by myself and fishing with someone else.
  12. Toxic

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    I fish mostly Lk Erie so I need others to go out with. It is just unsafe and it is a lot easier with 2-3 people with everything you have going on. I use to fish Pymatuning witj my 14' before it went down the crapper by myself a lot. Like EZ said, open invite on my boat as well.
  13. liquidsoap

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    I fish by myself rarely anymore.
    Its not hard to find someone to go with me regardless of what species I am fishing for.