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Fishing Vacation

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Pike, Nov 10, 2004.

  1. Pike


    A friend of mine and I are starting to look at a fishing vacation. I was wondering if anyone had a good experience while fishing somewhere more exotic than the Midwest. Option 1: billfish, and big tuna. Option 2: Alaska for Halibut, and salmon. It will probably be a group of about 4-6 people and we would like to fish 3 days. We would travel sometime between the end of April and middle of September. We are probably more than a year out unless we find something that is to good a deal to pass up. We have talked about Costa Rica, Mexico and Alaska. We are definitely open to other options if anyone has any ideas. Thanks for any ideas in advance.

  2. Next July I am headed to the Kenai penninsula in Alaska for salmon and halibut. I can't wait to go. $1500 per for 5 of us NOT including airfare.

    Personally, I avoid the third world for any vacation just because I would end up worrying about a million things other than fishing.

    How about really going out of the way for a trip to Ireland or the UK for Pike, Tuna or salmon? :D Next time I go to Ireland I am going Pike fishing for at least one day.

  3. shuvlhed1

    shuvlhed1 Banned


    Hope that works. if not do a search on kianahs sportfishing cancun

    supposedly have a good season in winter about 40 miles off shore. But that doesn't jive with your timeline. They chase sailfish that are schooling bait up. Had my eye on this for a year or so now, just waiting for the chance to go to Cancun. Unfortunately the good sailfish season also coincides with the high tourist season meaning more dollars to spend.

    Also had an absolute blast a few years ago fishing in cape cod for striper. Can't remember to name of the boat, but caught lots of striper, some up to 40 inches, and also bluefish. Plenty of action for that many people, we had 6 on the boat ourselves, everyone caught at least 2 fish in a half day. I think it was in August.
  4. Peacock bass in the Amazon! I've never done it but that is my dream trip.
  5. I Second That Twistertail !!!!!!!
  6. a few years ago some friends and i rented a 65' sail boat and sailed around the bahamas for 7 days staying on the boat
    the fishing is unreal, the water was so clear you could see the fish in 60+ feet
    we rented the boat, hired a captin and bought all the food and the price tag came out to around $600 a person + air + drinks + bait ect.
    we sailed out of miami at midnight and headed to bimini to clear customs i was driving the boat when the sun came up over the island...words cannot begin to explane how sweet the view was..its something i'll never forget
  7. Pike


    Thanks for the great replies so far. It all sounds good. Bigjohn all I can say is awesome. Onion, I think everyone has decided that $1500 would be there max. So it would have to include airfare. Although that trip to Alaska I am sure would be worth every penny. Any more ideas or experiences?

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