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  1. Hey folks,

    Looking for somewhere to hit for a weekend in early January.

    What/where do you recommend? Live in Mentor and would like to be within 2-3 hours of a drive.

    We have considered Pymatuning and Punderson. I thought I'd ask the experts here what you think.

    Also, is shore fishing/dock fishing a possibility anywhere during that time?

    Thanks !!
  2. Only on the ice, usually we will be icefishing that time of year, unless we have a warm winter.

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  4. Haven't done it, but believe there are some folks who sauger fish the Ohio River in January, especially near the locks. I'd think the Ohio is only about 3 hours from you, but don't know about locks
  5. You're only about 2 and a half hours from the new cumberland lock and dam on the ohio river, good place to fish. Not ideal for a "weekend trip", though, there aren't many hotels. I would suggest going to conneaut creek and trying for some steelhead
  6. I would consider waiting to make a trip like that until spring. Your options are far more open and the fishing will be better. Your post tends to indicate you don't want to ice fish, so I think waiting is better, or traveling further south out of Ohio.
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    From Mentor in Jan. I would hook up with the OGF ice gang on one of their jaunts to Presque Isle. That place is an awesome fishery. And everyone has to spend at least one weekend of their life at The El Patio Motel.
  8. wow. the good ol el patio hahaha
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    I can't beleive The El Patio keeps getting free advertising. Talk about spot burning!(literally and figuretivly) :p :p :p Now you will have 50 fishermen in the parking lot tomorrow morning.
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    It will cost you but I would take a guide on the Niagra River in NY, drift fishing in the river for really nice lake trout, steelies and some huge steelies at that as well as brown trout. Guides are affordable and you WILL catch fish and some really nice ones, my january is pretty booked but I'm making the trip in February. Really looking forward to it. I got some good info on some awesome safe guides up there if you want some names PM me and I'll hook you up.
  11. I second kgones trip to niagara. Theres plenty of good fishing up there
    during the winter. If you decide to go, fish steelies for half day then ask
    to fish for lakers off the bar for the second half. What a blast. That run
    from the ramps at lewiston to the bar in the dead of winter is a ride you will
    never forget. I went with the cinelli's but my brother-in-laws uncle is Frank
    Campbell a well respected guide on the river. I can get you his number if interested.
  12. If I could afford it, I think I would head to Florida, take a couple of half day charters, freeze the fish, put them in a cooler and then make a bonzi run back home. Then I would have a couple of good fish frys in late January and February.

    But then again, if wishes were dollars, I would be a milllionare.
  13. ...K gonefishin...sure brought back memory flash ...I made the week trip to the Niagara River about five years ago..In Feb...That was a Fishing adventure I will Never forget...Every Fisherman should make it once in his lifetime...
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    I bet I have heard numerous great story from the majestic Niagara river. I am really looking forward to fishing it this upcoming February, I really enjoy river fishing and this is sure going to be a fun trip, I told myself beginning of 08 to get out and explore and leave those walleye alone and expand fishing locations and enjoy other species and areas, in 08 I fished lake Ontario and Lake St Clair both very successful trips, I hope the Nigrara river trip will also be just as fun.
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  15. the Chagrin or Grand when its ice are 5 minutes from some of the best Steelhead waters in the country......

    Try the Soccer ball (woodland park) off lakeshore in Eastlake....when its open....the fish will bite.....

    Todd field in Willouby is a good place to start too....walking up or down stream from there......the old Daniels park dam.....the old Painseville dam at the rec center in Painseville.....Mason's landing....Indian point.....harpersfield dam......

    mini foo jigs with maggots or jenna-boo jigs with maggots....and try minnows or egg sacks too.....

    watch some guys fish....look at their setups....some may even help you out with tips if you are polite and don't walk right up on the hole they are fishing....

    good luck....

  16. Hi K-gone, Jenni and I would love to do a trip like that. Could you send us names of trustworthy captains as well?
  17. I am going to second the trip to the Niagara. Steelhead, brown trout and laker fishing is phenominal this time of year if the water clarity is right. We went last year and caught 35 steelhead between the 3 of us and headed of the water at 1:00. I would contact Frank Campbell at niagara region charter service and set something up. A trip for 3 guys is $420.00 and you can stay at the riverside lodge in lewiston for next to nothing. I will be heading up on Feb. 7th with Frank, as well as a few trips on our own.
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    I'm planning on getting my brother over there this year. He's never been to Presque. And the El Patio will be an adventure for sure. Lets hope we get good ice over there soon.
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    I'd highly recommend the Niagara as well. Never did a guide there. The numbers per day sound much higher that way. Also never know what your gonna pull in there. Eels and sturgeon are strong possibilities.