Fishing Tomorrow?

Discussion in 'Steelhead Talk' started by fisherman33, Nov 25, 2008.

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    I just got back from college today and was hoping to get out tomorrow but the rivers are not going to fish. I was wondering if any of the creeks will be fishable so I can at least get out. Please let me know what you guys think.
  2. i was up at the ashtabula today and it was blown out only fished it an hour, i dont think any creek will be fishable for atleast a week, of course i can be wrong.

  3. Nothing is really fishable tomorrow. All the smaller creeks are blown, too.
  4. What! I hope your wrong... I moved to Ky and its hard to get up there. I was coming up tomorrow but it doesnt sound good. If I took two days off work for nothing I am gonna be p'offed....
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    I agree the rivers are jacked
  6. I was hoping to get out fishing tomorrow too, just got back from OSU for turkey day....doesn't look good
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    If its any conciliation, Punderson State Park (ODNR) just dropped approximately 400 Rainbows in the water yesterday!!!! I pulled 2 out of there in the evening. POWERBAIT was the trick! I tried jig head and maggots with no luck...however some said they pulled a few with it, others used minnows, but the powerbait was the overall winner of most fish caught. I would be generous to say that 100 fish were taken...not that many fisherman out...maybe 25-30, some with limits of (5) others skunked, some with a 1 or 2. the weather was a beast over there, it was snowing like crazy and COLD!
    They are there, just swimming right at your feet and turning on top of the water. It can serve as a quick remedy since the rivers are high. Also Dont forget about wildwood...I was there on Monday and saw a few being caught, conditions were not that bad, and even when the water is bad over there its still not that bad!

    Good Fishing

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    Rocky is fishable, its high and muddy but fish are too be had. Probally going later on for a few hours.