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  1. hi all, I'm new here.

    I'm looking for a good place for me and about 10 people to take a long weekend full of poker and fishing. Ideally it would be a no more than a couple of hours away from Toledo(ohio or michigan). A single cabin/lodge or maybe multiple smaller cabins would be ok, but the number will be 8-12. In a perfect world it would be water front and the cost would included a few 2 man boats at our disposal.

    I've taken a few trips to Canada walleye fishing like this. Waterside cabin with a few dumpy boats for us to use, not much else...and it was a blast. I've checked around the web and while I see a lot of places, it's hard to get a feel for them....most feel more touristy and family oriented. I'm looking for more rustic and fishing focused.
    I'd also be open to a cabin minus boats if it was river side or even river side camping if need be.

    I'd really appreciate any advice. Thanks in advance.

  2. Fletcher's pond in Alpena MI is awesome fishing and at Paradise landin you can rent a boat, cabin or tent camp. we stay at Lyon's but the cabins are for two people only. It's about 4 hours from Toledo but well worth the drive. Look under out of state posts to get some good info and see some pics. Have fun!!

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    jb1136 I Love the Maumee River!

    heres a pic from fletchers pond,i wish i could live there

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    TheBiteIsOn TheBiteIsOn

    was at fletchers last winter and all the locals say the pan fishing is very bad since the treated the lake for weeds a couple years ago, we did get alot of small pike but nothing to write hame about:(