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Fishing the Open Water??

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by BlueWater, Jul 9, 2007.

  1. Whenever I fish a lake I always cast to the shoreline and there is a whole lake behind me. How do you find/catch fish in open water with no fishfinder (I am planning on getting one soon)? I am taking about anything that would take a lure Bass, Bluegill, etc.


  2. Watch to see where others on the lake are fishing.

    Step 1: I would try to get a map of the lake showing depths, that would give you some sort of starting point. If you can't get a map proceed immediately to step 2.

    Step 2: I would work my way from the shore out casting jigs, tubes or plastics harnessed to that I could get a feel for the bottom (depth and structure) and go from there.

  3. for the tip. I will try it next time I am out.

  4. In summer months I often have trouble finding the fish without a fish finder because they tend to school up in deeper water, and ODNR maps are not always real accurate when it comes to bottom depth/structure. My solution has been to troll using my best killer crank bait for the particular species, in the most likely spots (from my analysis of the ODNR map and my observation of other fishermen). When I start getting hits, I mark the area on my map and continue. Over the years, I've found some nice "holes" that I return to when shoreline fishing seems to be slow.
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    Use electronics and GPS. Spend a few hours just cruising around, looking for sudden depth changes, points, humps or anything that looks strange on the screen. Try to find the channel, it usually has some nice bends and depth changes around it. All of these spots could hold fish on any given day.

    On a side note, I killed the batteries on my handheld GPS last Saturday trying to buy a bite all over the lake, they weren't anywhere. But they have been there in the past and I know they'll be back.
  6. As always, folks have posted good advice on here. Watch where others fish, check out the maps, and use a jig or worm with a heavy weight to get a feel for the structure and depth. But, most importantly, it took me years to figure out the mistake of focusing on the shoreline. During these hot summer months I've found more success (in the middle of the day) getting away from the shoreline and focusing on deep water structure 15' f.o.w. or more. By doing this, I'm sure you'll catch more & bigger fish.