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  1. Hey all! I've been considering giving the mad a try. I'm typically a lake guy... and not real familiar with river fishing... I live only a few minutes away from a few prime trout spots in Champaign county and am good with where to park, etc. I have a fly rod... but no reel yet... and don't know how to fly fish. Soooo for now, I'll be headed down there with spin gear.

    Can anyone tell me what else I can get into in this area besides trout? LM? SM? Carp? All or none of the above?

    Any tips on what to use this time of year? I had a buddy that told me to "float a nightcrawler" for trout.... Also floating trout bait?

    Any good shore areas? Or am I best to strap on some waders and work my way out to look for some holes?

    Thanks in advance for anyone that does not mind hookin a brother up with some help=)

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    I dont know about wading down there right now. All the rain lately and all.

    I do know that i havent fished the mad since i was a child and been looking at fly fishing lately and trying to get some trout out of there.

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    Watch the stream gauges closely. When the St. Paris Pike gauge is reading between 250 and 500 cfs, its time to fish. Avoid midday under sunny skies, especially on clear water days. With spinning gear I would stick with low vis 4-6lb test, I like flourocarbon. If you have access to a canoe or kayak, you can access a lot more holes. The banks tend to be heavily wooded and not friendly to casting. Look for holes at bends, trees in the water and overhangs. Also don't overlook the long slow pools 2-3 ft deep in the morning and evening. Let the river drop before you try wading it, the current is very strong and can be hazardous.
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    One more thing I forgot, if you fish it during the warmer months, leave your vehicle unlocked, with the windows down, and remove anything you don't want stolen. The parking areas along the river are notorious for scumbags breaking windows and helping themselves to your posessions.
  5. Thanks for the tips! Good to know about the parking areas too=)
  6. I fished the river wed. and thurs. drifted nightcrawlers with a small split I caught 3 browns between 17&20 inches,and a handful of small ones.thurs. I caught around 15 small guys-fished rt. 29 and rt. was probably one of the best days I've ever had,they must be hungry.good luck!
  7. Awesome fish! Those are exactly the areas I would be at. Thx.
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    I have had decent success spin fishing for browns in the Mad-largest 23" by using 1/16 or 1/8 ounce popeye style jighead black or black/chartreuse tipped with waxworm fished under a small styro float. I wade the river casting upstream on runs in the river keeping rod tip high to keep line drag to minimum allowing the drift of the jig downstream to appear as natural as possible.When the jig/bobber setup gets to end of the run or when you get to much line out to control or mend your drift of course reposition and recast. Set bobber depth to allow jig/waxworm to run barely of the bottom and when the bobber does anything different,(stops drifting,lifts,moves cross current,goes upstream)SET THE HOOK! Rarely does the bobber go under.Also have used Mister Twisted 1 1/4 moss green nymphs on jighead to do same.Some times Powerbait 3" trout worm in chartreuse free drifted with small split shot will work. I have tried free drifting crawlers but all I get is BIG white suckers,chubs and occasional monster carp(fun on 4 lb floro on 7 1/2 ft ultralight).Anywhere north of Springfield works and as previous post said unlock your vehicle or leave someone with a scattergun to guard it!Good luck
  9. here is a better pic,hope it works right.[​IMG]
  10. Thanks for all the help... I went out to hit the mad today... was a little rainy... and really overcast. Spent about 30 minutes out with no luck and then changed up the rig to use a tri-swivel thanks to "John"... a guy I met there. Caught three fish in the next 30 minutes and had a blast. Two browns... One only 9" and the other just shy of 12" so back in he went. I'll catch him again when he's just shy BIGGER than 12" =)

    Caught a sucker too. Thought for sure it was a bigger trout until he got closer. Was still fun.


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    hey Lee,
    when the weather breaks a little for the good, we'll get out and catch some bigger ones.... by the way when you catch those suckers, just think cat bait :D
  12. Cat bait?! That sucker was DINNER! Gahhhh Kidding. Even grossed myself out.
  13. Flathead King 06

    Flathead King 06

    Yea man... didnt even dawn on me about dinner!!! pressure cook that thing and then make like salmon patties out of it... good grubbin's there...

    but cats love them chunked up or filleted... and big flats love 'em live