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Fishing the Mad River Around Fairborn Area

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by TomC, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. I've been trying to find decent spots in the Mad river around here to fish. Seems like its all private or hard to access. I had permission at one time to fish the Mad down stream from Huffman dam where it passes between the dayton well fields. Since 9/11 happend they wont allow permisson. It was the best spot i had ever found. Many dont know it but there is another small dam in that area. Most of the river current is diverted arond a large island, so from the small dam to harshman road the water is clear and almost currentless. So any new locations or ideas for where to go?
  2. yup, that is a beautiful stretch! i used to fish that area as a teenager, the well-field "ranger" would let us back there so long as we didnt come when his boss was working:) . just think, with no fishermen back there it would make it much easier for a "terrorist' to do something. if you have a canoe that stretch between rainbow lakes and huffman has some really nice holes. other than that the Mad gets hit pretty hard at the easy access spots or is posted.

  3. fshnteachr

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    I have floated the Mad from Springfield down to Huffman. To be honest, I do not think it is the greatest river to float and fish. Further north is easier (and trout) Fast waters make it hard to fish for longer periods of time.

    From Spangler Rd. (I-675) down to 235 there are some nice holes to fish, but hard to float. Kind of a catch-22, lots of downed timbers and such, which make for nice places that the bass can hang out, but difficult to kayak/canoe around and fish. You could park the boat and bank it, but then you may be trespassing.
  4. I agree with teachr and prefer further north. The key I found for fishing the Mad is lots of exploring the water. I float by myself in my yak and have my wife drop off/pick up and I have floated a lot of the river.

    You want to explore every nook and cranny because you can be floating in a couple feet of water on one side and never notice a 6-8 foot hole with a stump holding fish just 20-30 feet from you. These areas are very subtle many times and you won't notice unless you pass right over them. The more times you float a stretch the more good fishy areas you will find.

    I would suggest headin north for your float trips.
  5. Has anyone ever gone down stream from the Old Rod and gun club. I found a bunch of old concrete tubes lined up along the bank for about a 30 foot strech on the right side of the river. Not far down stream from that there was a makeshift bridge that looks like the cement co made. I couldn't get close to it wading because the water got way deep.