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  1. Hey everyone I have been giving fishing the LMR or GMR a lot of thought lately. I have spent the majority of my time on the water fishing lakes and ponds. After reading many posts on this site, it became apparent that I would like to give river fishing a try also. I was wondering if anyone could help me with recommending a livery where I could get a canoe and float down either the GMR/LMR. Also any tips would be great. I have a trolling motor should I bring it? WHen fishing rivers for smallmouth do you fish the shallows or deeper waters? I am not asking for anyone's honeyhole or best kept secret/strategy, rather I am interested in getting started. I know I am new to the site and I appreciate any help. I live in cincinnati. Thanks
  2. I can't say anythiing about where to rent a canoe but as far as fishing goes, look foir current. I have had much more success in faster moving water. my favorite colors for any lure are firetiger and white. try crankbaits, jigs and twistertails and inline spinners. as far as a trolling motor I wouldn't worry about taking it with you. but having an anchor may not be a bad idea.
    good luck.

  3. Thanks, I would of totally forgot to bring an anchor. Advice much appreciated.
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    There's a livery on the GMR on Ross rd in vandalia and they'll put you onto some good stretches of river up that way.
    My experience w/ canoes is an anchor is not a good thing unless you're in a lake. Any decent current will swing it all over the place making fishing difficult at best.A drag line is better.Use a window sash weight, it usually does'nt flat out stop ya,just slows the drift enough to fish.
    Tipp elizabeth rd to ross rd is a good float and if ya have all day ,start out at rt 41. There is another livery at Tipp Eliz. and from 41 to there is a good days float w/o pushing it.
    Oops,just noticed you're from cinci,gmr is mostly cats and rough fish down that way but wht bass too and they run a decent size and saugeye can be had on occaision.Anything in black on the bottom and shad imitations would be my call. It's a bit of a drive(45-50 min) but the aforementioned canoe trips would be a nice day trip.GMR up N has ,on avg, some of the nicest smallies in SW Ohio and ya might get a pike and saugies are always an option,TC1
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    I agree with TC1 about the anchor in the river. I used one for a little while in my kayak and I found it to be nothing more than a hassle to deal with. More gear that took up space and the boat never really stayed where I wanted in in the current. If you want to fish a good spot just get out of the boat and fish it. Now, this does bring up trespassing issues but we won't go there on this post.