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Fishing Sunday morning?

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by NickRummy, Jun 16, 2007.

  1. Does anyone want to go out and do a bit of fishing Sunday morning? Thinking about going out early and getting back home by noon.

    Anyone? I could be persuaded to take the boat out to Portage Lakes or maybe west branch. I'm thinking I'll probably fish the Hoga though. Doesn't matter for what.

  2. Just gonna wade the Hoga? What part? What target species? I could be persuaded! Call if you wanna.


  3. Give ya call in a bit HuntinBull. I have no idea what I'm planning on doing in the hoga. No waders so it would be bank fishing. No idea where. No idea for what. I was going to search for some spots listed on the site that might be a good spot to start. Heard something about Cascade being decent for smallies. Might give that a go.
  4. (Best Pancho Villa imitation)Waders? We don't need no stinkin' waders! Old tennis shoes and cutoffs. a fanny pack for some gear and a rod and reel. If the Cuyahoga hasn't distorted my genomes or killed me yet it ain't gonna!

  5. Ok cool because I was gona say I would just walk out there in some shorts and tennis shoes but didn't want to be a loner!

    Give me a call if you can't make it. I think I'm going regardless. Gonna slap a bookbag together with some stuff in it and go from there.
  6. GREAT time huntibull! What a blast. Caught a bit of everthing. LOTS of smaller smallies. I managed to pull in around a 12"-13" smallie but didn't get a picture since i was holding it like a pansy and it got away before I could get a picture. :D

    Got to see a water snake eating a fish too! Boy was that a treat after I almost stepped on him!