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Fishing Spinner baits

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by jaredj, Jun 22, 2004.

  1. Whats the trick to these things? I have never cought a fish on one. I have tried and tried. There any tips you can share with me? Thanks all
  2. keep them in or around cover. fallen trees, grass, etc throw it into the thick stuff. it'll come out. i like to go as slow as possible and let it fall a lot too sometimes fast works better mix it up, but keep it in cover

  3. Around cover, engage your reel, but don't start the retrieve. Let the blade flutter down thru the cover after you cast. Works better for me with a bait casting reel. Add a trailer to the hook. (plastic/pork/rind). They are fun to use and you can ciover a lot of water with them. If the bass are not hitting, you still are looken good!!! Good Luck!! :cool:
  4. It's hard to imagine a day in Ohio where you can't get a spinnerbait hit. I would avoid using it in open water on cloudless days with no wind. But even on days like that, a spinnerbait can still act as a great search bait. Many times a bass will follow it which at least tells you that they fish are there. And if you see swirls behind the bait, that will tell you the fish are there too. Just vary your retrieve, and keep it close and/or in contact with the cover. You might get hung up occassionally, but 95% of the time you can get off easily, and you would be amazed how many times the moment you get it undone from the cover and get the blades rolling...the bass will just engulf the bait.

  5. Jared, I was in the same boat at one time, fished and fished em but never caught anything on them, then overnight I started catching em on them, now I always have one tied on and when ever I see structure it gets thrown in there, esp. down trees in the water and on flats. I usually do not fish with a trailer, it seems most people do, I prefer not to. Usually white with a colorado blade unless the water is dirty then I will use a big bladed (willow leaf) one. I was told to throw black ones at Caesar's Creek, that they were slaying them on them but can't get a hit on a black one tried 2 different ones, but I'll probably keep throwing one next time I'm there. If you look in my picture gallery the saugeye I caught out of the Little Miami River last year was on a spinnerbait. White and chartreuse with a willow leaf blade and a colorado blade, why I used it, I couldn't tell you, It was just the one that appealled to me at the time, so I tied it on.... ;) Good luck and don't give up. :D
  6. The guys on here are giving you some great advice. I almost always catch fish on them close to fallen or even standing trees which are in the water. Throw it deep into the cover, up right on the shore where the tree has fallen in and work it back slow, every time you feel the bait hit a branch let it fall a few seconds and continue your retrieve. Seems like thats when they will come up and hit it. Can be fished with success on or around sholes too. Where the fish are stacked up feeding on shad. Good Luck
  7. Jared you got me fired up. Tomorrow watch out Hoover bass, it's spinnerbait city for you. :D
  8. Cloudy and breezy days seem to be the best. You can fish a spinnerbait in any cover and in any depth. I usually never use a trailer (worm) on my bait, but I always use a trailer hook because so many times a bass will short strike a spinnerbait and without the trailer hook you would never get them. Good luck out there!!!
  9. ncraft150

    ncraft150 Buckeye-Basser

    Another way to fish them is flipping! Flip it like a jig to cover and let flutter to the bottom, then retrieve.
  10. NewbreedFishing

    NewbreedFishing High Speed Angling

    Trailer hooks are a pain...don't use em unless absolutely needed.

    Always concentrate on the blade thumping and react whenever there is any change. Your ability to stay constantly in tune with the bait and actually placing the bait in the fishes strike zone will be the differance between success and failure. I like to burn em ..actually wake the bait (bulging the surface) around shallow cover. This will get you the most reaction strikes from neutral or agressive.

    FISH ON!!!
  11. Years ago, I was one of those people who always had spinnerbaits in my tackle box, but I rarely ever used one, never caught anything with one, because I didn't know how to use it. Now I think of it kind of like a plastic worm that you keep moving, so-to-speak. I like to fish shallow water cover or rocky shorelines for largemouth, I do fish deep water at times, but only if I have to.

    A spinnerbait is probably the best bass lure there is, I know that's a stretch, but it's true. It can be fished in cover (fallen trees, stumps, etc.) without hanging up AS MUCH as a crankbait, and it can be dropped behind & in front of tree limbs to trigger strikes, like a plastc bait or jig. Most people won't cast a spinnerbait into cover because they worry about a snag. You'll get hung-up now & then, but that happens with any lure.

    Fish parallel to cover if you can, when you go over a tree limb, let it drop and flutter a bit, then retrieve again, keep a good feel on your line and watch it closely, don't hold the rod high, you need room to pull the rod up for a hookset. Sometimes a bass will attack it really hard, other times you'll just see the line twitch, so you have to be a line-watcher, particularly if they hit it while it's falling, and they do a lot. A bass won't run with a spinnerbait, so you have to hit him quick.

    When fishing rocks, fish parallel to the bank, no matter how deep you're fishing, make contact with the bottom now & then, you want to stay close to it. Speed of retrieve for success varies, usually around cover you fish it as slowly as you can, just keeping the blade turning, same thing if fishing deep.

    But if you see bass hitting shad, you usually want to burn it through that, they see the flash of the blade and hit it.

    I use a big willow-leaf bait most of the time, you have to fish it faster in shallow water, but I've adopted my technique to allow for that, but I'll use a Colorado blade bait if I get short-strikers.

    Take a day & experiment, force yourself to use a spinnerbait, it's a lot of fun, and it'll enhance your experience.