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fishing show wasnt all that great.

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by imalt, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. imalt

    imalt Banned

    the show needs more tackle places. could do without 2 aisles of vacation home sites. smack tackle definitely made it worth it and was the highlight of the show. cant wait to get out and use them. Other then them not worth the time going unless you are looking for a new boat. they definitely need to change the setup for next year
  2. Lotsa posts pre-show saying that; I didn't bother going.

  3. OhioHuntr02

    OhioHuntr02 OSU Fisherman

    It's been that way for a few years now.
  4. That is NOT a "FISHING SHOW", nor was it advertised as such. It hasn't been for years. There is no "fishing show" in southwest Ohio.
  5. I guess they must think that there is no fishing in southwest ohio???? I missed the show in Indiana, which is a "Fishing Show", I have heard that one is good. Waiting for the ice to melt up north to do some Steelhead fishing.
  6. One of the Indiana shows is this coming weekend - Jan 31 & Feb 1
    at the Johnson County fairgrounds, south of Indianapolis. No ginzu knives, no Sham Wows, no solar heating contractors. JUST FISHING!!
  7. I enjoyed the Billy Bass seminar (just seeing bass hitting those baits got the adrenalin going) and the Dale's Guide Services Ohio river catfish seminar. I also picked up a few Gizz 3's for $8/ea, a few bags of plastics, some Bulletbobbers and about 5 lbs of literature. It may not be a great fishing show but it beats watching fishing shows on tv or working around the house. I went on Sunday and enjoyed it. I'm also into boating and travel so it was fine for me.
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  8. None of these shows are all that great, but what they a way to beat the winter blues. Got tired of the Cincy show a couple of years ago, so we decided to give the Cleveland show a try. Made a weekend of it last year and this year, had a good time, learned some new techniques at the seminars and day dreamed about a bigger faster boat...then came back to reality.

    Next year we have decided to give the Louisville show a try. Come on Spring!!!!
  9. bgrapala

    bgrapala Micropterus dolomieu

    Has anyone been to the Indiana expo? I'm thinking about going this weekend with my son and wondering if it's going to be worth the drive.
  10. Bassin' what day did you go down to the show?
    I was over working the Buckeye Baits booth for the entire show.
    And made my way back to the Smack Tackle booth on several occasions.
  11. i was looking forward to going, but with all the cuts been going around at work i thought i,de better start cutting to.
  12. bgrapala

    bgrapala Micropterus dolomieu

    Bassnick are you going to be at the indiana show this weekend? I was really looking forward to your presentation in cincy but couldn't make it down (son was sick).
  13. its called the cincinnati boat and travel show not the cincinnati fishing show so that might explain the no fishing stuff thing. I like the bird dog demo it was cool.
  14. Are their still any good Fishing specific("tackle") shows around? I know Shelby county had one and a couple of other counties I believe.
  15. montagc

    montagc Always an inch shy

    Actually, it was the Cincinnati Hunting and Fishing Show the 21-25. The first weekend is the Travel, Sports and Boat show. As someone said in another post, the days of the worm bar are long gone. I think when the economy gets back on the upswing, as it was a dozen or so years ago, you'll see more booths from small tackle makers and shops.

    In any case, it kept me from having cabin fever for a day, my 7 yo had a blast, and I had a pocket full of cash with free pass from the wife. Picked up some bullet bobbers and some cheap UL combos, checked out the Gizz lures, the boy climbed the rock and caught a trout. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday.
  16. montagc

    montagc Always an inch shy

    Also, the Indianapolis Fishing Expo is a good one. My uncle took me a few times, though it has been a few years. I have not yet been to the upcoming one in Johnson County, though Ihave a standing invite. I've had two days off because of snow, the wife has not, so I am not in a good bargaining position. :p
  17. Yeah the cincy show has not been that good over the past few years, so its not worth a trip down for me. The muskie show though is pretty good in Columbus. I plan on going to that, my sister lives up there so I get to stay for free plus she hooked me up with a coupon for half price tickets at the show. Cant beat that.
  18. any idea where a one might get a hold of one of those 1/2 price ticket coupons?
  19. I will see if I can find out where she got hers from, and maybe get more. Or I might be able to mail you mine, I just found out I already have plans on the 28th so I might not be going now.