Fishing rods for women?

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  1. Hi All,

    My buddy accidently broke my pole yesterday, so I need a new bait cast type pole.

    I'm only 5'4" and have small hands. Many of the poles I tried are uncomfortable/difficult to use because it's hard for my thumb to reach the trigger button comfortably. I use 8lb line and would prefer a shorter rod. Can any of you suggest a smaller pole or a model that would fit a small hand? And please, I don't want one of those crappy pink ones made for ladies, give me a break. I'm not looking to spend a lot, either, if possible. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Steph
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    Take the reel with you to a store and put in on the rods your looking at and see how it feels. Make sure you get a rod with a warranty also that way you can have the rod repaired or replaced for less than half the cost of a new one.

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  4. I have a Wally Marshall 7' Crappie rod and my wife loves it. It is a one piece and light action, perfect for a good spinning reel- she i using a Mitchell 308x with 4 lb line.


    I would highly recomend an Ugliy Stick rod. Take your reel to the store and try it on different styles of this rod. There is a big difference between handle design. Try it on the different styles and select the length you want. They are a little heavier than the more expensive high tech graphite rods but they are very durable. If you are a casual fisher you will not notice the difference in weight while fishing. They are sensitive and have a lot of fish fighting power as well.

    Ask an old timer if they ever owned an Ugly Stick. If they have they will still have it and still love it. They are the closest thing to unbreakable that ive seen and they cost around $30.
  6. Steph, I have pretty small hands too and have trouble finding poles that feel comfortable. I found at Gander Mountain that their Guide series are very nice. I have several but my favorite is an ultra light 5'5", I love it. Boyfriend does too so I have to remind him sometimes that he has his own. :) I also agree with "Eye" Doctor, I have an ugly stick that I use for cat/carp fishing and it fits perfect. My sister in law wanted to go fishing with my brother and I one time so she went out and got one of those "crappy" pink ones. She hooked a nice fish and it broke.
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    I had to laugh at that one. I bought a cheap "crappy pink" pole for my daughter not too long ago. Kame's in North Canton has them on sale for $6.00. She loves it beacuse it's pink.
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    Sounds like you're using a spin-casting type reel. Which is the ones that have a cover over the spool and you cast by pushing the button on the back. I know you're new to fishing but maybe you should think of graduating to a spinning type outfit, which is commonly known as open face. It has many, many more advantages over a spin-caster and the price is not bad these days.

    Of course you get what you pay for but you can get a reasonable combo for under $30. If you live in Cbus they have several of these $30 combos as Olde Dutchman Bait store by Hoover dam. My gf uses one and despite its price its high quaility and you should have no problems for years to come. The rods are 6" rods which is pretty light. I wouldnt suggest going any shorter than that because it affects casting distance and leverage on the fish.

    They're also not pink:p . They come in a very masculine black with grey undertones. I think you'd like one.
  9. Hey guys,

    Again BIG THANKS for the great info. Pigsticker, yes, I have a spin casting reel with the cover over the spool. I tried my buddy's open face spinning type and I loved it. He said the only drawback of those is the line can fall off the reel, or something like that. Are there any other drawbacks? My friend suggested I try the spin cast first and then go to a spinning reel. Is there anything else I should know about spinning reels?

    I will check out the bait shop at Hoover, thanks for the tip. What's easy to catch there? I'm in Columbus so it is nearby.

    Ohh, a grey masculine rod... how butch! That does sound really promising! :)

    Thanks all, I really appreciate it.