Fishing Report from May 8, 2008

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    By Jim Morris

    the Dayton Daily News

    Thursday, May 08, 2008

    Caesar Creek Lake: Saugeye fishing has been picking up around the island and on the flats. The best method has been to tightline jigs with a nightcrawler or bass minnow. White bass are in the creeks and around the dam. Use Roostertails, shiny spoons or minnows. Crappies are deep, taking minnows. For bass, fish off of the banks and around points with crankbaits. A 42-inch muskie was caught near the dam on a tiny Roostertail by an angler fishing for white bass.

    Indian Lake: The white bass run has begun near the covered bridge. Use shiny spinners, spoons or white or yellow twistertails. Crappies are hitting all over the lake on minnows, waxworms and jigs. Most are in shallow water around wood and rocks. Bass fishing has been good, mostly in shallow water around rocks and points. Bluegills are on rocks and around docks. Use waxworms or redworms. Catfish are hitting nightcrawlers, cut shad and chicken liver. Saugeye fishing has been slow.

    C.J. Brown Reservoir: Walleye fishing is beginning to turn on over the road bed on the north side of the lake. Fish on the bottom, dragging bottom bouncers with nightcrawlers. Crappie fishing has been good around the marina at depths of 5-7 feet, using minnows or waxworms. White bass have been hitting Roostertails, white twisters and minnows on the north side. For bass, fish around weeds with jigs or bass minnows. Channel cats have been taking nightcrawlers and minnows all over the lake.

    Rocky Fork Lake: Saugeye fishing has been excellent. You can troll the south beach area with a Shad-Rap or cast Vib-E's and crankbaits around the island. Crappies are hitting black/chartreuse jigs and minnows at about 4 feet deep. Bass are in 2-6 feet of water, hitting crankbaits. White bass are being caught in Clear Creek and Rocky Fork Creek.

    Paint Creek Lake: Excellent crappie fishing continues all over the lake. Use black/chartreuse jigs or minnows and fish at varying depths, starting at 18 inches. Bluegills are around stumps in the bays, hitting waxworms. In the spillway you can catch saugeyes on white or chartreuse twisters, channel cats on nightcrawlers and cut shad and white bass on Roostertails, white twisters or minnows.

    Grand Lake St. Marys: Bass fishing has been good with anglers working the banks of the channels with spinners, jigs, small crankbaits and worms. For crappies, the best bite has been in the middle of the channels at 3-4 feet deep. Catfish are also biting in the channels during daylight hours, mostly on cut bait.

    Lake Loramie: Bluegills and crappies have been plentiful in recent days. Bluegills are in very shallow water, hitting waxworms and jigs. Most range 7-10 inches. Crappies are around laydowns and lily pads, hitting minnows, chartreuse/black jigs and waxworms. Catfish are close to the banks, hitting nightcrawlers, minnows and cut bait. Bass fishing has been good. Fish along the banks using plastic crawfish-type baits.

    Cowan Lake: Crappies are hitting all around the lake in shallow water, 4-5 feet deep. Use minnows or jigs and fish around rocks and docks. White bass are hitting Roostertails and white twisters. Bass are just off of the banks in 5-6 feet of water. Try the sailboat cove or anywhere with brush and weeds. Toss crankbaits and spinners. Catfish are plentiful, hitting nightcrawlers at night.

    Lake Erie: Anglers are taking walleye limits (6) around the reefs, in Maumee Bay, nearshore from Crane Creek to Locust Point, around "K" can of the Camp Perry range. Hair jigs (purple, orange and chartreuse) tipped with shiners are still being dragged near the bottom, although a few have been drifting with worm harnesses or casting mayfly rigs as fish move off of spawning grounds and into surrounding open water. Trollers are catching fish around Rattlesnake Island, North Bass Island, on the Canadian border from North Bass Island to Gull Island Shoal and around Kelleys Island. Try deep-diving crankbaits in Pink Lemonade and Wonderbread colors.

    Maumee River: Fishing for white bass has been good near the bridge, Orleans Park, the White Street access and near Fort Meigs. Plenty of walleyes are still in the river. For white bass, use Roostertails, shiny spoons or bass minnows. Walleyes are still hitting floating jig heads & Carolina rigs with florescent colored plastic tails. For more information, visit or

    Sandusky River: The white bass run is about at its peak. Most are being caught on minnows fished under a bobber. Try the Sand Docks area. Walleyes are almost gone.