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fishing report from DNR

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Nightprowler, Jul 15, 2007.

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    Great Miami River (Montgomery and Warren counties) -
    Remember to ask permission before entering private property. Montgomery County access to the river is near the low-head dams of West Carrollton along Hydraulic Road and Monument. Also, try the Miamisburg Dam at Shepherd Road and Dayton Cincinnati Road. For best results, fish below the dams because fish tend to concentrate in the deeper water below the dams looking for an easy meal as disoriented bait fish come over the dam. Channel catfish and flathead catfish are being taking by anglers using night crawlers, chicken livers, bluegill, goldfish, dough baits, or creek chubs. Fish the bait off of the bottom. The river is full of rocks and snags that will test your patience and knot tying ability. Generally, after dark is the best time for fishing for catfish at this time of year. Access to the Great Miami River in Warren County can be gained along State Route 73 between Franklin and Middletown. Anglers are catching channel and flathead catfish by using chicken livers, cut bait, night crawlers, or live goldfish or bluegill for flatheads. Cast from the shoreline and fish the bait slowly along the bottom or just off of the bottom. Also, try fishing the bait tight line along the bottom.

    C. J. Brown Reservoir (Clark County) -
    Walleye are being caught by anglers using crankbaits, jigs with plastic bodies or curly tails, small spinners, or live minnows, leaches, or night crawlers. Fish by slowly trolling or drifting baits in 10 to 15 foot depths. Walleye are being caught in the main lake river channel and humps. Fishing is best in the early morning and early evening hours. In a walleye tournament this past weekend, the top three teams weighed in two-day totals ranging from 14 to 16 pounds. The biggest walleye was seven pounds 10 ounces. REMEMBER all walleye less than 15 inches long must be immediately released back into the lake. Channel catfish are providing fast action for fishermen at this lake near Springfield. Try bottom fishing from shore using chicken livers, cut bait, or prepackaged stink baits. Popular shoreline spots include the creek channel in the north end, the marina break walls, near the main boat ramp, and at the Corps of Engineers visitor’s center.
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    the whole state report is updated weekly at the website in my sig.