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Fishing pontoon boat

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by Star1pup, Aug 15, 2004.

  1. Okay, so it's not a Ranger Bass Boat, and it does have its limitations, but I have my 18' pontoon rigged for fishing on Atwood Lake and it does just about everything my 16' Smoker Craft did, and is a lot more comfortable.

    Here's what I added: I have a foot controlled 55 lb thrust electric on the bow and a built-in livewell. There is a Lowrance X-75 at the steering console and I have a hand-held Garmin GPS mounted in a RAM mount where I can watch it while at the helm. There is a transducer mounted on the electric and I hook up an older portable Hummingbird to that when working from the bow. Four Cabela's rod holders complete my setup.

    Just thought you guys might be interested in my rig. And maybe start a little dialog about fishing from pontoon boats. If so, I'll talk about the downside next time.
  2. Wow! It looks like I'm the only one who does this. :) It sure is a comfortable way to fish though, even if it is a bit unconventional. ;)

  3. I dont do it but i have always said it. For bass sure why not its not going to hurt anything. But for catfish, it seems like it would be great. Put in a big livewell for bait. Room for big comfortable chairs while you wait. Plenty room for equipment and casting. 3 or even 4 guys could fish from it. Sure would beat a john boat anyday in my book. Heck you could stand up and not tip the whole boat. Friend, i think you got yourself a great fishing boat.
  4. DavidWS10

    DavidWS10 Bankless Boat Trash

    I think Rusty is right. And I know several guys down South who use pontoon boats for catfishing. They say they are very comfortable.
  5. the boss wants me to get a pontoon. how does it do for crappie and saugeyes?
  6. Been catching bass off of pontoons on Leesville and Atwood since I was a kid. 55lb of thrust is about minimum for atwood in the spring, it gets downright windy there. Sounds like 2 deep cycles might be in order. I have a 28' pontoon on my 3/4 acre pond and we catch fish off of it all of the time. The worst thing I've found is bass like to bounce off the pontoons to free themselves. Need heavy anchors and don't get caught in the middle of the boat when you got a big one on. Keep learning that one over and over.
  7. harry 1: I haven't found much that other boats I've had will do that I can't do with my pontoon. I wouldn't want to trailer it on a regular basis and I keep it at a dock on Atwood. I won't be down there for a couple weeks, but I'll take some photos amd post them if I get a chance.

    My boat is 18' and my dock is in a very narrow, shallow bay. If I can get it to the dock, I guess I can take it just about anywhere it will float. ;)
  8. Most of the professional guides around Sante Cooper use 30' tri-toons. They are definately the ultimate boat for luxury!
  9. You could really fit one out for night fishing. How about one of those floating lights to call in the bait fish? Heck, you could use an alarm to signal a bite and then take a nap on the couch! :D
  10. Been thinking aout getting one and rigging it for the 9.9 lakes. I have fished off of a pontoon several times and love the stability, especially for the long days, room to stretch and all. Maybe i can find that orphan pontoon boat im looking for.
  11. Many moons ago, when I was a kid, I built a 14' pontoon bass boat. I would have liked to had real pontoon's. I made mine out of some 30gal. barrels my dad had. Welded them together and fiberglassed them. I used 3/4" treated plywood for the floor and covered it with some i/o carpet. Used a 9.9 Evinrude to power it with a small trolling motor. Trolling motors were just starting to come out back then.

    There wasn't anyplace I couldn't take it. It even made several Lake Erie trips. I had to really watch it up there though. It was great in the bay.
  12. UFM82

    UFM82 The one others want to be

    They have so much room available. You could fish 4 guys off a pontoon and not feel crowded.

    BUT- pontoons are the mini-vans of boats. Not the most "sexy" thing on the water. I like being on them, like drving them, like fishing off them, etc. I just couldn't bring myself to buy one. LOL Plus, they can be a real pain to load and tow. They like to catch the wind.

    That being said, I could see a 24' or 26' toon with 4 La-Z-Boy recliners, a small refrigerator running off an inverter on two deep cycles and some overhead lights on the canopy and a killer stereo. That could work! Room to kick back and relax- very stable and easy to maintain.

    It just won't be my boat. Gotta love 'em though.

  13. i've been fishing off a toon all summer and they are nice for the room but if you cant find fish and have to make a long run it takes up half of your night
    one guy at eagle creek in ripley sovled that problem... he has a tri toon with a 502 i/o hanging off the back and he claims it will do 67 mph
  14. Hey UFM82,
    My 18' toon has a pretty good stereo, the swivel seats are well padded, I have an overhead light, 2 batteries (one for the electric 55 lb. thrust), but I have to bring ice for the fridge (cooler). ;)

    It is slow with the 9.9, but I could put a 25 on it, which is the limit on Atwood. There was an old C&W song that went something like, "she's not perfect, but she's close enough for me".

    Actually, I'll had everything from a kayak to a 30' Lake Erie sailboat and every boat is a bit of a compromise.
  15. pontoon would have to be the ultimate catfish rig