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Fishing Ponds??????????

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by skeeter, Jul 31, 2004.

  1. Hey yall im new to the area just moved up from Virginia. I am having a heck of a time tryimg to find some fishing ponds for large mouth around the fairfield, west chester areas. Heck even ifs it is within 30 min of around here it would make me happy, but i did hear fishing the river was not good fishin. I dont have a boat YET I should be getting one next year. So if anyone could help me out I would appreciate it. Thanks much
  2. I Live In Cheviot Area And Bank Fished This Area For A Couple Years Before Getting Into A Boat. Not Sure If From West Side Of Cincinnati. If You Dont Mind Fishing Park Lakes There Is A Fairly Good On Called Mitchell Memorial Forest. Catch And Release Hamilton County Park. Has 5lb And 6lb Bass And Good Numbers Of 16 Thru 18 Inchers In There. Being That It Is Catch And Release You Know Thee Fish Stay In There. I Like It Alot. Can Get Crowded At Times But Youll Figure How To Work Around That After A Couple Trips At Different Times And Days. Another Good One Is Algers Gravel Pit On East Miami River. Very Challenging But Can Be Very Rewarding For Crappie And Bass With The Occasional 5 To 10 Lb Channel Cat Grabbing Bass Lures And Surprising The Heck Out Of Ya Wheen You Set Hook! That Is Private Property So If Interested In It Pm Me And Ill See What I Can Do For Ya.those Are The Only Spots I Fished For Bass. Welcome To The Neighborhood. Also Some Good Bass In Hamilton County Parks Where You Can Rent A Boat. I Have Been Seeing Really Good Posts In This Forum Lately. I Did That A Little Before I Had My Own Boat. They Also Have Tournaments And Some Bank Fishing. Check Out Winton Woods, Sharon Woods And Miami Whitewater.

  3. Thanks alot for your help I really appreciate it!!!! Yeah that is all i ever do is catch and release well I guess there are a few exceptions like i dont know a hawg. Anyway I will try and look for those places and give em a whirl. Thanks again Rob
  4. Well I got the time to go out to Mitchell Memorial Forest. There wasnt to action out there at least for me. I was only there for about 2 hours with one bump (probably a blue gill). I did manage to pull one out I was proud of it though I would say it was 41/2 to a 5lbd largemouth. Put up a decent fight also. I thought this place was alright I would like to check out a few more places other than this one. So if anyone could give me some more options so I can compare I would appreciate it.